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My February favorites!

Really now, is February really over? I mean it is actually the shortest of all months in terms of calendar, but I have the feeling it was at most 2 weeks long! In general, I think 2013 has been very fast so far, is that how you feel? But I do not want to complain, on the contrary, I can hardly wait for the days to finally get longer and you no longer have to pack yourself in 3 layers when you leave the house. But before my favorite month of March flies away again, let's take a quick look at my February favorites.

1. Wella Pro Series - Moisture Conditioner: in my trunk DM it was reduced to an unbelievable 1 euro. It is clear that she had to go with it. I've heard good things about the Pro Series, but I didn't have any great expectations, actually the best conditions. And how do you say, those who expect little get a lot :) I've been using them for 3 weeks now and my hair is baby soft! Clear favorite, I would also buy one at the regular price. The only huge drawback is the smell, which is quite chemical.

2.Lush - Jungle (solid) conditioner: the thing is productive, unbelievable! I bought it 6 months ago, I think, and have been using it fairly regularly since then. And it is far from disappearing into thin air. In February I loved it in combination with the Moisture conditioner from Wella.

3. Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap - 18-in-1 Hemp Citrus Orange: one of the few products from the Valentine's glossy box that I was happy about. A small all-purpose wonder. I have used it for bathing, for a refreshing cleansing of my face and for deep cleaning of my hair, which has become really nice and squeaky clean. As 18-in-1 suggests, it can be used for completely different things such as brushing teeth, washing clothes or diluted as a deodorant. My small size of 50ml will probably last forever, because this little darling is also extremely productive. A few drops are enough for almost every application.

4. Catrice - Defining Duo Blush 050 Apricot Smoothie: I'm kind of in the spring I also prefer peachy tones on my cheeks. Most of all with this blush from Catrice. It looks quite coarse in the pan, but turns into buttery silk on the cheeks. Unfortunately, as far as I know, it is no longer part of the standard range. A real shame.

5. Clarins - Crème Jeunesse des Mains: i love almost everything from Clarins. I have seldom seen such a reliable brand as this one. The typical scent alone, which I still know from products that my mother used, is worth every sin. The hand cream costs around 19 euros and is certainly not a bargain, but it is incredibly nourishing and very luxurious.

6. Clinique - Chubby Stick 05 chunky cherry: I still cannot understand the hype surrounding the Clinique Chubby Sticks, in my eyes it is a vastly overpriced product. Then why is it one of my favorites? My chubby stick was part of a Clinique set and was therefore much cheaper. I really like the color chunky cherry, a restrained pink and the consistency of the stick, and I've worn it a lot because you don't have to worry about applying it. However, I would never buy it at the regular price.

7. BeYu - Unlimited Lashes: BeYu is kind of a weird brand. I always associate it with teenage make-up. Which is not bad in itself, just somehow not mine. I simply cannot identify with BeYu. Strangely enough, all the products I've tried so far have blown my socks off. This mascara is also one of these products! And I'm really extremely demanding when it comes to mascara. My eyelashes keep the curve with her, are dense, no fly legs - in short, great story!

8.Alverde - Concealer anti-dark circles: if only I could pick one favorite from February it would be this concealer! A really outstanding product among drugstore concealers. It was published as part of the Universe Beauty LE and unfortunately cannot be found in the standard range. However, there are still occasional displays in the drugstores, so if you should still find it, be sure to take a look! I will also present it to you in a little more detail in an extra posting.

9. Annayake - Highlight Brush: I find cream highlighters consistently more pleasant to use than powder products. Overall, it looks much finer and more subtle. I can also work with it much more precisely. Definitely a solid highlighter, which I liked to use in February.

Of course, at this point I really want to know which favorites you had in February?