Women are strangled while drinking

Translation of "Strangled" in English

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strangled choked strangle
Strangled and lay down like she was sleeping.
Pretty blonde girl, strangled, laid out like she was asleep.
Strangled of a man on the verge of madness.
Strangled by a man who was clearly on the edge of sanity.
I become porcupine from master strangled.
I'm being choked by Master Porcupine.
This is the boy, the Tolson strangled Has.
This is the kid that Tolson choked.
It's not like he slashes housewives or schoolgirls strangled.
It's not like he's carving up housewives or strangling coeds, here.
Strangled by a male nurse he tried to murder.
Strangled by a male nurse he was attempting to assassinate.
I, on the other hand, saw her lying there. Strangled.
Strangled from you, Monsieur Redfern.
Incidentally, the fat boy did not become strangled.
And by the way, the fat boy wasn't strangled.
It was made with some kind of cord strangled.
You what strangled to death with a cord of some sort.
A serial killer has 3 wives strangled.
There's a serial killer out there who's strangled three women.
she got strangledthat much is certain.
Because Alice Corrigan is only after the alleged discovery of her corpse strangled.
For Alice Corrigan is strangled after her body has supposedly been found.
She was tied with a rope strangled.
Dr. Marcus became strangled, her body is in the morgue.
Dr. Marcus what strangled to body hidden in the cadaver room.
I have him strangled, to be precise.
Shortly afterwards, the body of a young woman is found in La Villette, strangled.
A short time afterwards the strangled body of a young woman is found in La Villette.
And I bet you was on a date strangled.
And I bet she was strangled during a rendezvous.
I kissed him hard and then strangled.
The women were shot, didn't strangled.
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