Ariston and 129 how to use a dryer

Check an electric motor

Check the resistance value with an ohmmeter.To measure the resistance with an ohmmeter, set the device to resistance measurement (ohms), insert the test probes into the corresponding sockets (check the operating instructions for the measuring device). Select the highest scale (RX 1000 or similar) and zero the meter by bringing both probes in contact and setting the needle to 0 (most digital meters don't offer the ability to do this. In this case, skip this Step). Find a ground screw (often hexagon-type and green in color) or any metal part of the frame (scrape it off if necessary to get a metal contact) and press one of the test probes into this point and the other test probe onto each contact, one after the other. Ideally, the meter should barely move on the highest resistance reading.
  • It can move a lot, but the device should keep reading resistance in the millions of ohms (or "megohms"). In some cases, values ​​can be as low as several hundred thousand ohms (500,000 or so), it * may * be acceptable, but a higher number is more desirable.
  • Many digital meters do not have a zero option, so skip the zeroing step if you have a digital device.