What is Castor Oil in Japanese

Bear hair - organic castor oil & organic Japanese mint

Our popular organic certified castor oil now with new formula and a light, refreshing smell of Japanese mint.

From the bottle to the head ...

Cold-pressed castor oil is the natural wonder drug for healthy and strong Hair. The Hair growth is made from the seeds of the Ricinus Communis tree thanks to the active ingredients it contains stimulated. Since male hair is much thicker than that of women, it must also be able to absorb more oil in order to develop its full effect. In our new formula, the absorption is therefore through the oil of the Japanese mint supports. With regular use, the hair will be affected more quicklyandpoetgrow back and after just a few weeks the hair will be stronger and healthier.

... and in the beard

Whether three-day beard, full beard or Fu Manchu - with our bear hair you will soon be able to create any shape! Thanks to the stimulating effects of castor oil, that becomes Whiskerspoetgrow back and unsightly Growth holes are a thing of the past. Fulfill your dream of a healthy and thick full beard and in a completely natural way without chemical additives!

Why with Japanese mint?

The essential oils of Japanese mint (Mentha arvensis) complement this antibacterialproperties of castor oil perfectly. Both oils work antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory on the skin and are therefore wonderfully suitable for use on the face. The contained menthol has a circulation-promoting and skin coolingeffect and makes the skin look fresher.

Only for men?

Of course, bear hair can also be dated femalegender be applied! In addition to its anti-inflammatory properties, the naturally pure mint oil it contains has other great properties. The essential oils work Promotes concentration, stimulating and increase thereby the attention.

And the best: It just smells great!

container: Glass bottle (solid)
content: 100ml organic castor oil & organic Japanese mint
scope of application: Hair, beard

Our bear hair is 100% free from any animal / chemical Additives.