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  • The excessive trichome production makes Amnesia Haze valuable for hash and other extractions. Heated and pressed with 20 tons, the clear, honey-colored 22% THC resin waterfalls are a sticky, unforgettable sight and an incomparable aromatic revelation. AMNESIA HAZE EFFECT. The effect is difficult to judge, but powerful nonetheless. The experience of the.
  • ated variety, Amnesia carries a decent one.
  • imales THC / CBD.
  • anter hybrid with around 80% sativa genes, which is why it is simply listed under sativa here and there. It is a cross between a Haze and the following other strains: Thai, Hawaiian, Afghani, South Asian, Jamaican and Cambodian. The THC content of the Amnesia Haze is high and lies between 17 and 25%
  • The effect is stronger than that of Amnesia weed, as the THC content in hashish is significantly higher. Medicinally, you can use Amnesia Hash to relieve feelings of depression, stress, inflammation, and pain. All in all, a fantastic variety that you absolutely have to try. tastes good. Citrus fruit. A fresh boost with a euphoric effect. Hit your mind! Sweet.

However, personal reports suggest that the uplifting effects of Amnesia Haze can help with depression, stress, and anxiety. From a grower's point of view, Amnesia Haze grows pretty much as one would expect from a sativa. In a grow room, under a 600 watt lamp, it produces a yield of around 600g / m² when raised with a skilled hand. This makes hash look stronger in much smaller doses, making it perfect for a potent butter. Hash butter is not only much more potent than your normal cannabutter, it is also much faster and easier to make! Because hash doesn't contain much plant material (if any), it doesn't have to be strained through a cheesecloth in the end to get the good of it. I smoke my Amnesia hash early in the morning. My breakfast. Since my hash looks more like a hippie from the 60s, lots of love and relaxation, no bad vibes, only good vibes and it just smells different. In the days that followed, I kept smoking hash. It's really very nice, but somehow I miss the more potent effects of flowers. A little conflict.

This text informs you about the effects of cannabis on the human body, possible side effects and general risks of using cannabis. It consists of excerpts from the brochure Cannabis Basic Information which was published by the German Central Office for Addiction Issues. Contents 1. Positive effects 2. Acute risks 3 AMNESIA HAZE. The equally award-winning Amnesia Haze has already won several Cannabis Cups; both in 2004 and 2012. It is characterized by high yields, a high THC content and a powerful sativa high that any Haze fan will definitely appreciate

Hash smoking effect. Explore The Range Of Premium Quality Supplements At Europe's No.1 Sports Nutrition Brand. Perfect Supplement To Give You The Competitive Edge - Achieve More Toda Discover new favorite pieces at BAUR and pay easily in installments! Points and also save with every purchase with PAYBACK in the BAUR online shop. There is hardly any physical effect with marijuana. Amnesia haze effect In contrast to the name Amnesia, the strain is actually less likely to make you forget, but rather leads to deeper and increased thoughts. People who are prone to fear can easily increase into paranoia by consuming it. Realtively little of CBD, the therapeutic value of Amnesia Haze lies in its uplifting, citrus-tasting euphoria. Amnesia Haze The Amnesia Haze is probably one of the best-known and most sought-after Haze varieties that have ever appeared on the market. The high of Amnesia Haze is a powerful psychedelic head high that beguiles the senses, but leaves the body functional. The fresh and fruity taste of this plant did the rest to make it so popular. Physical high beginner.

How to judge the quality of hashish. In this article, hashish is generally understood to mean traditional types, such as dry-sifted or hand-grated hashish, rather than the highly potent liquid extracts that are so popular these days. However, I also have the Ice-O-Lator, which is often sold in Dutch coffee shops -Hash (that now.. There are many different ways to make hash, but all of them involve separating the trichomes and then pressing them into a block, ball, cylinder or coin. The result is an. Amnesia Haze by Royal Queen Seeds is only available as feminized seeds, not as regular seeds. In 17 seed shops or seedbanks we found 65 offers between EUR 7.73 for one feminized cannabis seed and EUR 352.94 for 100 feminized seeds. You are looking for a shop and want to buy Amnesia Haze cannabis seeds from Royal Queen Seeds Amnesia Haze CBD flowers are an ideal choice A choice for those who prefer a product with a high cannabidiol content and almost no TCH content. They contain many of the beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes that are also found in CBD oil. Industrial hemp plants have been grown by breeders and are naturally low in THC, which means that their buds.

Amnesia - Strain Information - Cannaconnection

The effect of the variety is also great for daytime tuxedos and not just for (party) evening. With the THC content you still have enough energy and creativity to create something during the day. Amnesia Haze (<25% THC) A fairly well-known strain that many stoners have smoked at one point or another since the Haze trend. CBD Hash Amnesia contains 3.8% CBD, the cannabinoid most sought after by users, which helps with insomnia, anxiety or loss of appetite. CBD Hash Amnesia is practically THC-free and does not produce any psychoactive effects. Package: 1 g * It may contain traces of 0.2% THC The effect of the CBD usually occurs later when consumed orally, e.g. when smoking CBD hash. To mix the Amnesia CBD hash into baked goods, you must first dissolve the hash in butter or margarine. After that, it can be added to the baking mix. Happy Baking! And Meal. Is CBD hash legal? The legal situation around CBD is not the same in all EU countries. So he can.

Amnesia CBD: A balanced effect and high production

The effect was almost too strong for many and unfortunately there were a lot of ODs (overdoses). Unfortunately, we do not know which substance was exactly responsible for this. Maya. Maya is one of the oldest smoking blends and was produced in Belgium from 2009. The manufacturer is called Maya s like the mixture and is still known to many to this day. Maya from Belgium were probably the one with. The well-known Amnesia Haze is back on the market. Not everything that glitters is but in this case it is the Haze, our Amnesia Haze and that with a sweet / fruity aroma. Location: Indoor; Flower type: Autoflowering (autoflowering) CBD> 11.5%; THC <0.2%; This bloom does not produce any psychoactive effects. The Amnesia Haze name is used for product marketing purposes only. All. CBD Hash Amnesia contains 6% CBD, the THC content is <0.2% and does not produce any psychoactive effects. CBD Hash contains the entire cannabinoid spectrum with CBD, CBDa, CBDV and CBG and natural terpenes. ATTENTION: All of our hash products are processed industrial hemp products with a THC content of LESS THAN 0.2%. Raw material for further processing and manufacturing of cosmetics, or as smoked goods. I've tested a lot of strains so far and they had a great one too effect And also beautiful flowers but mostly the taste had nothing to do with real Haze, og, skunk or kush. It tastes more hay, kindly bitter and just like hemp than normal ott and I was told that is because the flowers are grown that way have to do that because of the low THC content.

Amnesia x Hashplant 2 Amnesia x Hash Plant 2 Kamnesia Amnesia probably KnightsBridge OG Haze Amnesia x KnightsBridge OG Map of the Amnesia descendants. If you are sitting in front of a big screen and not on your mobile phone, also take a look at our dynamic map with all known Amnesia crosses and descendants! (but it may take a while for all data to be loaded and processed. The Amnesia Haze Hash, 10% CBD Jelly from Plant of Life is an extract from CBD cannabis flowers with a high proportion of 10% CBD (cannabidiol). The raw material used meets the highest quality standards through strict controls from cultivation to the finished jelly. CBD pollen (hash) in solid form. Flavor: Amnesia Haze. Manufacturer: Plant of Life

Buy CBD hash and pollen 5-30% Amnesia Erdberre Strawberry Haze legally buy -2% THC inGermany black Afghans Moroccan Amnesia hash is effective against headaches, migraines, flu strengthens the immune system Manufacturer Flower Pharm Euphoria Plant of Lif

The Amnesia Haze Hash, 22% CBD Jelly from Plant of Life is an extract from CBD cannabis flowers with a high proportion of 22% CBD (cannabidiol). The raw material used meets the highest quality standards through strict controls from cultivation to the finished jelly. CBD pollen (hash) in solid form. Flavor: Amnesia Haze. Manufacturer: Plant of Life Amnesia CBD is an excellent choice for lovers of sativa strains, as it has all the successful properties that made the original Amnesia an icon, such as its aroma or taste, but with a gentle, easily tolerated effect. It suits consumers who are not looking for a strong effect, as well as people who want a seed for the therapeutic one. Large selection of Amnesia fishing line. Compare prices for Amnesia fishing line and find the best price. I might have wished for more genetic unity in the plants, but even so, the effects of the two different turns convince me completely. Even more: I can now, depending on the planned activity, choose which effect I prefer. Overall, the Amnesia Haze is certainly one of the best strains I've grown so far. Should I go through.

Amnezia Haze is a strain of cannabis with approx. 20% THC content, a strong euphoric effect and a lemon / herbal aroma. It is a cross between South Asian and Jamaican cannabis strains. If you're looking to buy Amnezia Haze, you've come to the right place 4. Amnesia Kush: A legend among Europe's classics. This is one of the least hybridized Kush strains, and therefore genetics that are likely to better preserve the original terpene profile of the purebred Kush. This weed also works differently from the Kush strains described above. Amnesia Kush has a distinctly physical feel.

Hash Amnesia contains 22% CBD and traces of up to 0.2% THC and therefore does not produce any psychoactive effects. CBD products cannot be paid for with PayPal! CBD content 22% THC content <0.2%. Average Item Rating Be the first to review this item and help others with their purchase decision: Please log in to add a tag. AMNESIA type bud is sweet, skunky, pine notes, citrus and earthy. The buds are firm but fluffy and the color is green with orange hairs. Dried aroma hemp flowers. Aroma of industrial hemp flowers. Aroma industrial hemp flowers biomass. This is THC-free legal industrial hemp - this is not intoxicating. Our hemp flowers have been through several times. Many cannabis users report that weed improves many aspects of their pleasure-related life. There are tons of anecdotes about how smoking cannabis can make music sound better, illuminate your taste buds like never before while eating, and make movies feel like they're right in front of your eyes , Grass) MDMA effect (ecstasy) LSD effect; Speed ​​Effect (Amphetamine, Pepp) Buy Crystal Meths - Effect & Prices; Buy mescaline & order legally - effect & experience; Ayahuasca effects & testimonials; Drug info. Acid Drug (LSD) LSD Papers (Drug) Pep Drug (Peppen) Parts Drugs (XTC Pills) San Pedro Cactus - Effect, Experience.

Amnesia Haze - Information - Facts - THC Content - CBD

Because cannabis has a different effect on the body - in most cases. Well-known synthetic cannabinoids, which are often used for upgrading, are known under the names JWH, AM or UR. There are dozens of different chemical compounds involved. JWH-018; AM-1220; UR-144; In most cases, these substances come as a white powder that is diluted and applied to the cannabis. 10. Your hash lollipops should be cool, hard and ready to eat after 30 minutes! That's it, making hash lollipops couldn't be easier! Now you have some delicious sweets that you can slick away with relish or you can share them with friends on a trip. Have lots of fun with it

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  • Although its dreaded psychoactive effect, which can lead to memory loss, was the inspiration for the name of the original Amnesia, the Amnesia Auto CBD is far more gentle. Their high levels of CBD, a cannabinoid that counteracts the psychoactivity of THC, make it a plant that is suitable for the general public. But the Amnesia Auto CBD is very effective.
  • The Amnesia Haze is a cannabis plant (and light marijuana). In the first phase, the indica component comes out more clearly: it has large leaves and a dark green color. Over time and as the plant grows, the leaves begin to become sparser and the California Haze begins to resemble the Sativa type. The leaves.
  • Amnesia Haze has a fresh, fruity hash-like taste and a sweet, earthy smell with hints of spicy pepper. Nugs are light green with darker brown strands and a blanket of trichomes. This strain can induce cottonmouth and bloodshot eyes, while paranoia and dizziness are also reported. It's probably easier to find this international strain in parts of Europe than in the United States, but
  • The effects of cannabis tea often surprise even experienced users. 2. Marijuana tea - the classic with cannabis butter. Looks a little getting used to, but tastes surprisingly pleasant. This very easy to prepare marijuana tea recipe requires a cup of boiling water, a teaspoon of cannabis butter and a tea bag with the type of tea you want. Cannabis butter and.

Strain evaluation: Amnesia Haze - Zamnesia Blo

  1. Benefits of CBD hash. In general, the effect that can be drawn from a consumption depends on the content of the CBD. Many users report that the product has analgesic, calming and anti-inflammatory effects. One could conclude from the experience reports of different people that every organism reacts a little differently to CBD hash. For this reason, it offers itself.
  2. The effect is to be expected somewhat delayed, because the capsules are only absorbed in the stomach and intestines and not already in the oral mucosa as with CBD oil or in the lungs as with liquid. Where is still CBD in? CBD globules, cannabidiol in coffee, cannabidiol chewing gum or CBD cookies are particularly suitable if you only try CBD once and it has too strong effects or side effects.
  3. ante cannabis strain with some differences between breeders. Skunk, Cinderella 99 and Jack Herer are some of the genetic precursors of Amnesia and impart uplifting, creative and euphoric effects that are ideal for treating mood disorders
  4. I've smoked all sorts of dope types and have never scratched off haze haha ​​haze is my favorite variety, whether amnesia super silver or g13 but I once had an experience with a colleague and a friend of mine and we had indica nice stuff there and we already stopped on the way to our colleague by car to smoke, everything was good.
  5. For hash and other extraction methods, excessive trichome production makes Amnesia Haze expensive. The unmistakable, amber-colored 22 percent cannabis resin Harz waterfalls are warmed up and stuffed with 20 tons a greasy, enjoyable impression and an unprecedented appetizing source of revelation. h3> amnesia haze effect / h3> the effect is difficult to.

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  1. Blunt smoking effect. After I had made 0.1-0.2g of the White Widow flower small, sprinkled it in my pipe and consumed it, it took less than 5 minutes for the effects to take place and the associated alleviation of the symptoms. The feeling of adrenaline rush due to too much stress almost completely disappeared. Another 5 minutes passed before I got one.
  2. For all hash lovers, our Amnesia hash is just the thing, aromatically soft and more than potent. The name Amnesia is very appropriate because the intense smell that escapes when you open it makes you forget for a short time what you are smelling of and what is going on around you. With 34.95% CBD content and a THC content of less than 0.
  3. This time we check out the varieties from the green emperor :) _____ Social Media: Instagram: https://instagram.com/sat ..

Originally from the Netherlands, Amnesia Haze quickly became famous around the world. This high performing hybrid brings together the parents of Amnesia and Haze.This led to the psychedelic powerhouse Amnesia Haze, which has won the Cannabis Cup twice and has been the most famous strain of Haze ever since Besides a shorter flowering time, the other main difference to the original Amnesia is the effect. Due to the high CBD content, there is no memory loss and psychedelic reactions normally associated with the Amnesia family. The effect is still super cerebral, but lets you go on a pleasantly inspiring journey rather than a wild ride. Hashish (from Arabic حشيش, DMG ḥašīš 'grass') refers to the resin that is obtained from parts of the female cannabis plant. It is an extract that is often pressed into plates or blocks. Common synonymous terms for it are also hash or shit. Individual pieces of the pressed hashish plates are often called pieces (less often edges or corners). CBD hash Jelly 22% is a product that is subject to strict quality controls and is 100% legal, as the THC percentage is always below 0.2%, the maximum permitted by law and therefore a product that has no psychoactive effects.

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AMNESIA HAZE CBD flowers have less than 0.2% THC. CBD 6% shipping to Germany, organic quality, Idoor Buds, Aromatisc Amnesia Kush from Diniafem offers the best of Californian and Dutch genetics. The Amnesia Kush Seeds are the result of crossing an original Amnesia with an OG Kush. Two legendary cannabis strains were combined to create this sativa dominant strain. Amnesia Kush combined an intense, long-lasting lemony flavor and potent effects.

100% natural product obtained from Cannabis Sativa L. Legal, made in the EU Has a full spectrum of cannabinoids (CBD, CBDA, CBDV, CBG, CBC, CBN, CBGA, THCA, THCV, THC). High in CBD and other cannabinoids, over 17%. No psychoactive properties (THC less than 0.2%). The product is of the highest quality that meets all control requirements. breed by Gea Seeds. Here you can find all info about Amnesia from Gea Seedss.If you are searching for information about Amnesia from Gea Seeds, check out our Basic Infos, Lineage / Genealogy or Hybrids / Crossbreeds for this cannabis variety here at this page and follow the links to get even more information - or list all Amnesia Strains (169) to find a different version CBD hashish - Amnesia Cream. A stunning hash with a CBD content of 17.27%. New Made from the Eu variety Kompolti. Available with different prices! Please select the quantity. Overview. CBD: 17.27%; THC: <0.2%; Quantity: 1 g; 2 g; 5 g; Note: The CBD content is 17.27%. May contain traces of up to 0.2% THC - does not produce any psychoactive effects. Flavor product. When the sky turns purple, it's time for Berlin Amnesia. CBD flowers with a honey-sweet scent and the potency of an ox. Smells like summer and long nights in the capital. Relaxed nights! Not those woken up and kicked out by the bus driver in the mornings at the final stop of the M29iger -nights. This CBD flower strain is a hybrid of 50% indica.

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  1. Amnesia Lemon was bred in collaboration with Barney and the legendary Soma and won the Cannabis Cup in 2004. After that big win, Soma passed on their very best Amnesia Haze phenotype to Barneys Farm Labs. Amnesia Lemon is a delicious blend of Amnesia Haze and Lemon Skunk. The tempting aromas of these two strains combined with the power of both lines.
  2. AFGHAN HASH PLANT - REGULAR. PRICES FROM € 72.00 • soaked in resin • strong indica effect. BUY NOW MORE INFO. G13 HAZE - REGULAR. PRICES FROM € 85.99 • award-winning classic • invigorating, active high. BUY NOW MORE INFO. MOBY DICK • Energizing, happy effect • Gigantic harvest potential. BUY NOW MORE INFO. Barney's information. Home First of all.
  3. CBD hash gift vouchers can be taken abroad. Keep out of the reach of children. This product does not produce any psychoactive effects. The product is only used for commercial, scientific and technical purposes. This product is intended exclusively for use as a room fragrance or for the manufacture of textiles, cosmetic products or the like. The name Amnesia.

Skunk, Haze, and Kush: The Foundation of Cannabis Today

Amnesia Haze is the newest indoor strain from FITS CBD. As the name suggests, Amnesia Haze is a very resinous and typically hazy-scented strain in cannabis heaven. The CBD variety Amnesia Haze is in no way inferior to its sharp counterpart from the> 1% THC world and inspires with very bright flowers that glitter and sparkle intensely with trichomes and resins in the light, indica and sativa plants are not only different in their physiological effects, but also in their appearance. Indica plants are short and stocky with leaves that are wide and chunky. Sativa plants are usually larger and thinner, and can even look lanky, with thin and pointed leaves. Amnesia is typically a sativa-dominant cannabis strain with some variation between breeders. Skunk, Cinderella 99, and Jack Herer are some of Amnesia's genetic forerunners, passing on uplifting. DMT (dimethyltryptamine) is a naturally occurring substance that hardly works as a trip agent without MAO inhibitors. This is due to the fact that DMT is removed very quickly in our brain. A trip on pure DMT is actually only possible by inhaling an extract. It's very violent and at the same time extremely short-lived. DMT smoking is also used as a taste and effect. Experts say the L.A. Amnesia cannabis taste is typical of a Haze. Vape or smoke it yourself and you will notice the fruity flavors of citrus. In terms of effects, this sativa weed is perfect for those who can't get high enough. The high is very.

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Order weed anonymously in our online shop. You can now easily buy marijuana online in our shop St. Pauli Amnesia CBD flowers from CBD-Shoppen.de. CBD: ~ 5% THC: <0.2%. Due to the currently unclear legal situation regarding CBD flowers, we are currently not offering any CBD flowers for sale Amnesia Haze has a fresh, fruity hash-like taste and a sweet, earthy smell with hints of spicy pepper. Nugs are light green with darker brown strands and a blanket of trichomes. This strain can induce cottonmouth and bloodshot eyes, while paranoia and dizziness are also reported. It's probably easier to find this international strain in parts of Europe than in the United States, but. Amnesia. BLACK CHARASCBD hash High quality, soft hash - good taste CBD hash variety: Cannabis Sativa CBD content: up to 22.02%, THC content: <0.2%. Aroma: Natural, Earthy, Pine InformationContents Keep out of the reach of children. Consumption and ingestion are express.

Jelly hash is one of the strongest types of hash there is. It is a mixture of 2 parts of bubble hash and one part of BHO (butane honey oil, hash oil) and is an excellent way to get relief, especially for patients with serious health problems. Because of its enormous potency and effects, Jelly Hash is usually used by cancer patients. Critical Mass VS OG Kush CBD Jelly Hash 22% Now you can smoke your high percentage of CBD in a hash substance. This package contains 2 different.

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  1. CBD hash; CBD KIT; CBD oil; About us; Blog; Shop; CBD grass; CBD hash; CBD KIT; CBD oil; About us; Blog; Customer service: Mon-Fri 10-17 [email protected] Facebook Messenger 0800 1810200. Log in / register; € 132.00 5; Express delivery in 3 working days. We are open regularly. Free shipping over € 60 CALIFORNIA HAZE. Indoor | CBD + CBDA <24%. Starting at: € 5.20 / g. Bud size
  2. Original Amnesia. Original Amnesia is very popular all over the world, and it is no coincidence: In addition to the super-powerful effect that has earned it its name, it also offers aromatic and flavorful qualities at the highest level, so rich and complex that it is itself Can keep up with the best Haze strains. Just a quick look at hers.
  3. Well-known strains include Amnesia Haze, Sour Diesel, OG Kush, and White Widow. Cannabis sativa. The seeds of a Cannabis Sativa grow into a very large and stem-like plant with a high THC content. It is the largest type of hemp and therefore high yields can be achieved, even if its flowers are rather less heavy. The effect is cerebral, so it is mainly im.

Amnesia Haze is arguably one of the most famous strains around, and for good reason. This sativa dominant strain can shoot you through the sky straight into space! The aroma is very fruity and has a citrus / lime note. The flowers are huge and smell extremely fruity and have no seeds. Delivery time: 1-2 working days. Effect, taste and smell of Amnesia Haze. Consuming Amnesia Haze will give you a positive and energetic high, but as the name suggests, smoking can cause temporary amnesia. There is something psychedelic about the high that may make you less able to have a conversation or do anything creative. If you are prone to psychosis, then Amnesia Haze CBD Blossom Sample - Cannaboyz - Your No. 1 shop to buy CBD flowers, CBD hash / pollinate and CBD oil from Germany. Aroma: very fruity, citrus / lemon Content: 1 gram Delivery time: 1-2 working days Effects: as it has a low THC content, it is rarely smoked, but its diversity makes it very interesting for cultivation. Surname. The term ruderal comes from the Latin rudus (rubble). Ruderal species, in the plant world, are species that can grow despite unfavorable conditions. Origin. It is believed that cannabis is a ruderalis. The new Limon Haze from Exclusive Seeds is now also available in our grow shop, a novelty we have been waiting for a long time! From the genetic fusion between two classics, Amnesia and Hash Plant Haze, and as you will confirm yourself, this choice is excellent because the result is a cannabis plant with an impressive taste and powerful effect

Hash is not as effective as good greens. Post by lapizuzeli »04/15/2018 - 3:30 PM Hey folks. I recently ordered Pakistan Cream Hash on the Dnet by chance. Tastes great, looks great. However, purely logically, Hashish should be potent as grass. The genetics were Amnesia Haze, so it will have been THC Potent Plants. The effect, however, is great. Effect and application of CBD flowers .. The application of CBD flowers is primarily about the broad health effects of cannabidiol, which are extremely diverse .. When smoking or vaping, the substance reaches the blood particularly quickly via the lungs and finally to the corresponding receptors in the endocannabinoid system, where the CBD works within seconds.

Buy hashish (the Spice drug also has a strong hash effect) Buy cannabis oil (extremely concentrated THC) Buy cocaine (very pure, only available on the Darknet) Buy amphetamine (with speed effect) Buy MDMA (with strong MDMA effect) Buy ecstasy (with violent ecstasy effect) buy LSD (congruent LSD effect) buy crystal meths (with information on the price, pervitin and the. The enveloping smoke has a quick and relaxing effect. It can also help alleviate headaches and anxiety. Idealiens are made from a carefully selected blend of herbs fine odorous substances and CBD isolate effect speaks for itself. The incense sticks are absolutely THC-free and legal. Cork and paper can be separated, so that the environmental awareness. Effect of Original Amnesia. The dense, minimally foliated flowers of this strain are extremely sticky and fragrant. They have a crisp, sweet lemon aroma with just the right amount of earthy flavor to balance out the citrus notes. Her effects are super powerful and high, and have enough physical kick to make Original Amnesia a great evening strain. Unfortunately, I haven't grown Amnesia Haze yet, but I've smoked the variety in the Netherlands and Germany. Effect: 1) in general, the sativa variety has a heavy and slightly hallucinogenic effect (when consumed heavily). After half an hour there was a phase in which I looked very withdrawn, as if I were trapped in a dream world. I myself prefer Ott in terms of taste and smell, but also in terms of effect. So far, hash has only had a real effect (the other times were in a dowel where you noticed zero), where it pushed me away badly. So sometimes like that .. Preferably Ott. And with you like that? Dripdrop. MEMBER. Reactions 20 trophies 1 posts 60. November 17th, 2017 # 2; I prefer hash with 1a

Moroccan CBD HASH is known for its pungent, smooth marijuana taste and the smell of earthy pine. Smooth taste like Amnesia with a sweet, skunky aroma. Ecxellent cbd hash !!! Cbd up to 30%. From dried aroma hemp flowers. This is THC-free legal industrial hemp - this does not work. The effects felt after smoking Lemon Kush are primarily a feeling of being very calm and stoned. What makes Lemon Kush great is that the numbing, kush-like effects not only result in an experience of deep relaxation, as the cerebral sativa effects of Chemdawg and Lemon Thai help the user focus on different tasks. Your THC. Amnesia White. regular. € 93.00 Sold out. About Silver Haze Regular. Silver Haze Regular cannabis seeds produce silvery, shiny buds with a lot of THC. Genetically, this high growing cannabis strain is based on 75% sativa genes. Accordingly, the invigorating effect is particularly noticeable in the head. Silver Haze Regular Growth Patterns The original Haze strains were in the.

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