Addyzoa price in nigeria what is bta

In Nigeria, a website calculates the bride's price

I finally know what I'm worth Exactly 447,500 Nigerian naira. That's 2069 euros and four cents. That makes me a “Premium Babe” - at least according to the website

The site uses a quiz to determine the bride price of a woman. It was developed by the Nigerian Editi Effiong, who runs a digital and advertising agency in Lagos. But since his “Bride Price App” went online in May, the smart family man has more to do with discussions than with his business.

Three million people have since used the site to find their own bride price or that of friends. However, not all of them give positive feedback - and that has nothing to do with the number of points they have achieved.

According to the website, the most expensive dream woman looks like this: tall, slim, can cook well, has legs like singer Beyoncé, a British accent, flawless skin without tribal features, tattoos or piercings, white teeth with a small gap between the teeth, an American citizenship and works in oil - or the gas sector. In the evening she can turn it up, and during the day she should behave civilly.

The categories “skin color” and “education” provoke the greatest criticism. While there are negative points for bleached skin and skin that is too black, light types like the mixture of European and African skin win. A coffee-brown skin tone like that of Lupita Nyong’o, the Kenyan actress and Oscar winner, also drives up a woman's price. When it comes to “education”, women with a master’s degree can still score points, but there is a deduction for a doctorate.

Petition against the side

The Nigerian blogger Minna Salami accused developer Effiong of sexism in the British Guardian. "It's depressing," she wrote, "that we Nigerians are playing around with an app to find out bride prices while protesting because hundreds of girls from Boko Haram have been abducted and probably sold as brides."