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Emotional piano pieces in difficult times

It's the year 2020 and all the resolutions, wishes, hopes and dreams seem further away. In addition to existential fears and fear for our lives in the face of the coronavirus crisis, we no longer take many things for granted. But there is one constant that persists through all crises, wars, epidemics and natural disasters. It is the spirit and creativity of people to compose pieces of music for eternity. When we play the piano, we put patience, discipline and a lot of feeling into the piece. Here in this article I want to present a small selection of pieces of music on the piano that deserve our attention.

Ode to Joy | Piano piece 9th Beethoven Symphony

The masterpiece by Ludwig van Beethoven is one of the most famous pieces of classical music. Both the text and the melody are remarkable in this form and still leave a lasting impression today if you just look at the analysis of the individual movements. On the Internet in the channel of 82031232 I discovered an impressive performance with the following video that leaves you speechless.

Even on dreary days, the piece reminds us that everything bad in this world is ephemeral. The poem To Joy by Friedrich Schiller from 1785 describes the ideal state of a society that is close to one another through friendship and the emotional world of joy and which gives equality among people.

Canon in D (Johann Pachelbel) | Jacob’s piano

With this piece my curiosity for playing the piano was aroused. The wonderful piece comes from the German composer Johan Pachelbel from the 18th century and is one of the most popular pieces of classical music today. The connection with modern musical style elements and remixes alone ensures a high recognition value. Canon in D was originally composed as a classic wedding song. Yet when you think about it, that is positive energy and the association with a happy event.

Gladiator - Now we are free | David Hicken

What would we do without freedom? We live in a society in which we strive for the greatest possible, individual happiness in our life. This beautiful piano piece was created by the German film composer Hans Zimmer, who was composed for the film Gladiator. A timeless masterpiece in film history. In a way, the piece also shows us how important it is to fight for our happiness with self-conviction.