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1974 was mainly influenced by the aftermath of the 1973 oil crisis. That year, the President of the United States, Richard Nixon, resigned because of the Watergate affair. In the Middle East, the aftermath of the 1973 Yom Kippur War determined politics. After the resignation Golda Meir took over because of the high Israeli losses. Inventions and Discoveries - From the discovery of fire to the invention of the computer

In 1974 world economic growth fell by more than 5 percentage points to 1.5 percent compared to the previous year. At the same time, the inflation rate rose sharply and the unemployment rate rose in the industrialized nations. In Germany, too, there is an economic crisis accompanied by stagflation. With the oil crisis and the associated economic downturn, the Germans are dwindling. Here you can find all films from 1974 · The best films from 1974 on KINO.d

1974 by David Peace and Peter Torberg von Heyne Filmchronik 1974 - The cinema films from 1974 << That happened in 1973. That happened in 1975 >> What happened 1974: Car year 1974: Charts 1974: GDR 1974: Film year 1974: Literature year 1974: Fashion year 1974 : 1974 Music Year: 1974 Political Year: 1974 Sports Year: The 1970s: Little Knowledge Quiz: 1974 Birthdays: January: February: March: April: May: June: July. In the literature, the dates of many inventions vary, sometimes very considerably. This is due to the definitions, traditions or the records of the respective inventions. For this reason, the dates for the inventions are sometimes only to be seen as a rough guide. Ordered by alphabet: Ordered by time: Invention: Year: Year: Invention. The European economy is struggling with currency difficulties and high inflation. President Georges Pompidou dies in France. Gustav Heinemann resigns as Federal President ... 1974: Hans Beck, Horst Brandstätter: Beck (1929-2009) was the inventor and designer, Brandstätter (1933-2015) the producer and entrepreneur. You can find more German inventions on the previous pages! PC (Apple II) 1977: Steven Wozniak, Steve Jobs: The Americans Wozniak (* 1950) and Steve Jobs (1955-2011) founded Apple on January 1.

earlier inventions. Microprocessor Email Cell Phone Personal Computer Space Shuttle Compact Disc Space Station Mir World Wide Web DVD. Often it only becomes apparent in retrospect which inventions actually had substance in the long term. Here follows a (of course incomplete) selection of technical innovations and innovations since the 1970s. They did not take part in the Summer Olympics that were held in Moscow. The Federal Republic and Japan also stayed away from the games to manifest their strong protest against the invasion of the Soviet military in Afghanistan. In total, the games were boycotted by 57 countries INVENTIONS from A-Z (Discoveries and Innovations) A ll chemical elements [abbr. + Atomic mass + atomic number]. Please write to Michael Stolle if you would like to know something about an invention. Do you know Inventions with year and inventor or company? Email or inventions (@) welt-des-wissens.com. TIME / YEARS: INVENTIONS, DISCOVERIES, ESTABLISHMENTS & FIRST TIME ** before 13.82 x 10 9.

As lavishly as the name deals with vowels, we remember the year as lavishly happy and colorful. 1974 was the year of winning the soccer world championship, the year of Tip .. 100 best inventions in human history from the 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. Ingenious ideas + most important inventions in the world & of all times

Like so many other inventions, the ARPAnet has its origins in the military. Here data was sent over telephone lines. 1974 Vint Cerf and Robert Kahn developed the basis of the. This page lists the German inventors and their German inventions from 1901 to 1930. It does not claim to be complete, but the most important German inventions are certainly listed

50 years of pocket calculators: the inventionthat nobody wanted The physicist Jack Kilby faced a special challenge around 60 years ago. This category contains articles that deal with important topics and events that are related to the year 1978. The individual topics and events are, as far as possible, to be assigned to the existing sub-categories

From Gutenberg to Artur Fischer: These are the 50 most important German inventions since 1440 1974: Invention of the soft lens material. Patent No. 3985697. Urbach developed the still fragile base material for the manufacture of soft lenses, invented by Otto Wichterle in 1959, into a much thinner, more stable lens material that significantly improved wearing comfort

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  1. earlier inventions. 16mm film automatic watch diesel powered car electron encephalography. 16mm film inventor: 1923 Eastman Kodak. Smaller, lighter, cheaper - these are the advantages of 16 mm film, which was introduced in 1923 as an alternative to the 35 mm format
  2. News 1974. Important events in 1974: March 8th. 1974: Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris opens; July 7th 1974: Germany becomes soccer world champion; Aug 09, 1974: The climax of the Watergate affair: Richard Nixon resigns from office; Oct. 14, 1974: The first German branch of the Swedish.
  3. The Federal Patent Office in Munich has identified the following inventions as particularly groundbreaking among the inventions of 1976 (file number Schm./koh./Str. - 76)
  4. Zeitklicks guides children through German history in the 20th century, through the imperial era, the Weimar Republic, National Socialism, the Federal Republic and DD

1901 to 2000 - Chronicle of inventions and discoveries

  • Rubik's intention with the invention of the Rubik's Cube was to train young students in their ability to improve spatial thinking. That was exactly 1974 when the Hungarian.
  • The inventor, who resents the creative forces of industry for the fact that they often only have the balance sheet for the next year in their heads for their products, wants to show how a free one.
  • 8. First turbocharger - no Saab, no BMW, no Porsche. With 2002 Turbo (1973) and 911 Turbo (1974), BMW and Porsche are considered to be supercharger pioneers
  • Blümchen radio play. With Harald Leipnitz as narrator and KlausColumboSchwarzkopf as Bruno. Also with Grit Böttcher, HorstColumboSachtleben and Franziska Bronnen. Label code: 6434 219. Year: 1974
  • The inventors from 1974 speak of a certain zeitgeist that they still felt at the time. That sounds a bit like athletes who are supposed to explain an unexpected victory and to them.
  • Solutions for British Inventors, James 1891-1974 - Crossword puzzles. The word starts with C and has 8 letters
  • Together with Spencer Silver, who also worked as a scientist at 3M, the first Post-it (sticky note) was created in 1974, one of the most important inventions of the 20th century. The decisive factor was a super glue and the typical yellow color of the sticky note, which already has more than 400 variations. Bette Nesmith Graham (1924-1980) inventor of the Tipp-Ex. Bed Clair.

Apparently the band Discover Inventions and Inventors from the series with the owl made you curious. Surely you would like to find out who is behind many other exciting inventions. Let's go! Airbag (safety device in the car): Walter Linderer (Germany) in 1951. File folder and the associated hole punch: Friedrich Soennecken (Germany) in 1886. eWDG, 1974. Significance of patenting an invention Protecting an invention from imitation by granting a patent. Example: In the case of newly developed preparations, licenses for patented manufacturing processes play a major role [Gesundheit 1967] Etymological Dictionary (Wolfgang Pfeifer) Etymology. Patent · patent · patent patent n. 'Sovereign order, official. . December 1970: Michel no. 349: Design: Michel and Kieser. Next picture Previous picture. Description . Johannes Gensfleisch, called Gutenberg (around 1400-1468), is considered to be the inventor of letterpress printing with movable metal letters. From the series: Stamp series: Famous Germans Tags: johannes Guttenberg inventor letterpress. James Dyson's sons, Jake (left) and Sam (right), played with their dad's inventions as children (here with the Ballbarrow, the wheelbarrow with flexible ball steering, the Dyson 1974. Bicycle inventions of the last 40 1974 - Charles Kelly, Gary Fisher and Joe Breeze equip old bicycles with studded tires and thus invent the mountain bike. 1976 - The trend towards light bicycles is initiated by the German company Kettler, when they welded the first aluminum bicycle frame

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Years passed. In 1974 his colleague Arthur Fry remembered the hitherto unused invention when he found himself singing in the church choir about the constant falling out of his. The invention of the double clutch transmission goes back a long way to 1939, when the French Adolphe Kégresse and a year later the German Rudolf Franke (prof.) Applied for the first patents. For a long time nothing happened to that. It was not until the 1980s that Porsche presented its dual clutch transmission, and the manufacturer did not go into series production until 2003.

The British may be a bit quirky, as evidenced by the Brexit debate, but Britain has produced some of the greatest and most influential thinkers, mathematicians and inventors in recent human history. Their ideas, theories and technical innovations changed life on the European continent in a groundbreaking way. The most important inventions and discoveries of the 20th century # 1974 progr. Pocket calculator Hewlett-Packard, USA 1976 Supersonic airliner Great Britain, France 1977 Personal computer "Apple II" Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, USA 1978 Test tube baby (Louise Brown) Cambridge, England 1979 Walkman Sony Corporation, Japan 1979 Catalyst Ricardo Consulting Engineers, England 1980. The most successful Hits 1975 of the single charts in Germany. When evaluating the 1975 annual charts, the top 100 were taken into account

07.05.1974 / Abroad Workers as Inventors The introduction of 40 inventions and hundreds of rationalization proposals in the factories of the Leningrad company association Svetlana - producer of electro-vacuum and semiconductor devices - resulted in .. The Belgian doctor Albert Claude received the 1974 Nobel Prize for Medicine: DNA, double helix : 1953: Francis Crick, James Watson & Maurice Wilkins: Quarks: 1964: Murray Gell-Mann & Georg Zweig: Cosmic radiation: 1964: Arno Penzias & Robert W. Wilson: HIV AIDS virus: 1984: Luc Montagnier & Robert Gallo: Ötzi: 1991: The German mountain hikers Erika and Helmut Simon: Chauvet cave.

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  • This alleged invention was designed to divert the compasses of allied planes that might be looking for point 103, as the base was also called. The pilots would think they were flying in a straight line, but in fact they would be looping around point 103 without ever seeing the deception. The sky compass allowed Germans.
  • His invention is now considered the best-selling toy in the world. In 1974 Ernö Rubik only wanted to give his architecture students in Budapest a training device.
  • Inventions and discoveries - the effect on mankind - Presentation: and also the dangers these new technologies will bring. As has been proven many times in the past, new discoveries change the world and determine people's lives. So let's take a few examples from history and start at the very beginning of human history
  • Best invention hair assembly and boilie fishing carp. from € 19.99 Women's Premium T-Shirt. Volleyball as the greatest invention of mankind. from € 25.99 Unisex T-Shirt, mottled. designed in 1974 - invention - year of birth. from € 26.99 Women's Bat T-Shirt. Tin Can Love Telephone Inventions Tin Can Day. from € 31.99 Men's V-neck T-shirt. Best invention of 1967.
  • 1894-1980: Anatol Josepho (inventor of the photo booth) 1894-1982: Rudolf Horkheimer (radio technology pioneer) 1894-1982: Walter Rudolf Kirschbaum (pioneer in the treatment of malaria disease) 1894-1993: Izaak Kolthoff (father of analytical chemistry) 1895-1974: Fritz Loewe (polar explorer) 1895-1988: Zacharias Dische (Dische reaction

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1974 Asea launches the world's first commercially available, fully electric industrial robot that is controlled by a microprocessor. 1971 BBC builds the world's most powerful transformer with 1300 MVA. 1991 ABB develops the world's first thyristor switch for controllable series compensation and has been a frontrunner in this technology ever since. 1969 BBC. But the high prices quickly fell: in 1974 the first devices were available for less than 100 DM, says Andreas Stolte from the Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum in Paderborn. The HP 35 from Hewlett Packard.


Find out more about the patents and pioneering work of Urbach Optik AG in the field of contact lens development 60 years of the Federal Republic of Germany - reconstruction, economic miracle, reunification. A chronology of key events in politics, business, sports, and .. On Discogs you can see who contributed to 1974 vinyl from Ich Hab 'Die Liebe nicht Erfunden, read reviews and playlists, and search the marketplace for its inventor called him Unimate. The hour of birth of the first robot, however, heralded two men: the physicist, Also in 1974, the Japanese company Fanuc developed and installed the first industrial robot in Japan. Three years later, the company started exporting industrial robots. Yaskawa introduced the first Motoman L10, the first articulated robot, in 1977.

ARD annual review 1974: ARD annual review 1974

  1. Fry calls his invention post-it, translated stick it on! We know and use them all. They have got stuck in our everyday life, so to speak. The company now produces 400 variations of these sticky notes - in all sizes, shapes and colors. An invention that we would not have without the hymn book
  2. The Barbapapas were invented in the late 1960s by the French architecture student Annette Tison and the American biology teacher Talus Taylor. The name is derived from the French word for cotton candy (barbe à papa, literally papabeard). It's lovely
  3. 1974: Invention: world's first chip extraction system for handheld machines: 1970: Launch: Minispot, wood repair system: 1968: Invention: first hand-operated Lamello groove milling machine: 1956: Invention: first groove milling machine (stationary) 1955: Invention: Lamello system: 1944: Company founded by Hermann Steiner in Liestal: Contact. Lamello AG connection technology. Hauptstrasse 149 CH-4416.

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  1. SPIETH inventions have been driving the development of the apparatus gymnastics for decades
  2. Answers to the question: Who invented what? | ~ 1891, Acheson-Graphit 1898 Rudolph Ackermann, Germany - making paper and fabric impermeable to water 1801 Isaak Adam, USA - ~~ know, but now I finally know who the chewing gum
  3. is he. Headed the first Labor government in 1924. Archibald Joseph Cronin (1896-1981) author. Kenny Dalglish (1951-) Scottish soccer player; John Knox (1505-1572) - instrumental of the Protestant.
  4. Turkey: Postage stamps [Year: 1974] [3/4]. Easily buy, sell and trade collectibles through the Colnect collectors' community. Only Colnect automatically matches collectibles you are looking for with collectibles that collectors offer for sale or exchange. Colnect revolutionizes your collecting experience

Technology inventions since 1970: from microprocessors to data processing

He is considered the inventor of total football. If the Dutch national team achieved fame as the Clockwork Oranje in the 1970s, it was mainly thanks to Rinus Michels, the ingenious inventor and designer of this clockwork. He was not a friend of many words, but instead, as an innovative thinker, carried out the fate of his team with a firm hand. Have fun with a book in hand. Make it twice as pleasant with the book Neumann, C: Inventions! After all, Christiane Neumann never disappoints. Download and read the online book Neumann, C: Inventions This toy was invented in 1943 by the American Richard James (1914-1974) and launched on the American market in 1945 under the name Slinky. Since then, over 300 million units have been sold and the metal spring is one of the world's most popular toys. Who started US Slinky Day? Unfortunately it is also in the case of the American Slinky Day. He grew up with 25 cats, drew in his childhood and invented the cartoon character Garfield in the mid-1970s: On July 28th, comic artist Jim Davis celebrates his 75th birthday. At this point

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  • The fact that World Television Day even exists goes back to Manfred von Ardenne from Hamburg. He developed the first electronic television set. His technology conquered the world
  • 50+ videos Play all Mix - Jürgen Marcus - I didn't invent love (ZDF Disco 26.10.1974) (VOD) YouTube Jürgen Marcus - I didn't invent love - Duration: 3:18. QuoFrancis.
  • The successor at the top of Dolomiti Superski is of historical importance: Around 46 years after its founding in 1974, one of its inventors and makers, Sandro Lazzari, born in 1940, a native of Milan, who has lived in Val Gardena and has been president of the lift network for 12 years, hands over the management to the 40 -year-old Andy Varallo, lift entrepreneur and manager from Alta Badia, who for 12 years.
  • And as always with inventions that didn't exist before: They need names. The term autobahn, writes author Christian Kämmerling in his book, was invented by Robert Otzen. That was in 1926. Otzen was a civil engineer and worked on road construction projects. He found terms such as autostraße only or intersection-free motor-vehicle street too bulky and thought of a motorway, analogous to the.
  • Federal Law Gazette 1974 Part II No. 44, issued on July 31, 1974, page 1063; Announcement of the agreement between the government of the Federal Republic of Germany and the government of Greece on the mutual secret treatment of inventions and technical experience that are important for defense
  • Here are 7 suppressed inventions that would have changed the world and the circumstances surrounding the inventors. 1. Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) - The Wardenclyffe Tower Project - Free Energy. Electrical energy is everywhere, available in unlimited quantities, and can power the world's machines without the need for coal, oil, gas or other fuels. - Nikola Tesla (1856.

Patents and inventions. Programs. Contact . Imprint. Data protection. Method and device for the compilation of consignments with an overhead conveyor system German patent application, Demag Fördertechnik, Wetter, 1974. Exchangeable barrier for high-bay warehouse with commissioning area German patent specification 24 03 742 shelf, Demag Fördertechnik, Wetter, 1975. High-bay warehouse with. That was in 1974. The invention was supposed to help his students train their spatial thinking skills. Two years later he applied for a patent for the cube in Hungary, which was received in 1977.

Georg Kinzler GmbH, Dachau. Inventions 1972 - 1982 Volume-controlled ventilator for tracheal ventilators can be integrated into wheelchairs 1975 Operating theater - walls made of stainless steel for brain and spinal cord surgery 1976 Development, design and manufacture of production systems for the manufacture of ring bundles - capillary dialyzers - dialysis exchangers 1978 - to date thermal. 159,500 inventions In the first three quarters of 1971, Polish inventors and rationalizers registered 165,100 new utility models and rationalization projects. That is 3.3 percent more than ttn Verg ..

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  • 1924: The Brazilian soccer club Athletico Paranaense is founded. 1926: The Real Oviedo soccer club is created in Asturias through the merger of two clubs. 1927: The first car race called Mille Miglia on northern Italian roads is started in Brescia. 1839: In Henley-on-Thames it is decided to hold a rowing regatta. The statutes of the.
  • Solutions for Engl. Inventor, James 1891-1974 - Crossword puzzle. The word starts with C and has 8 letters
  • Federal Law Gazette 1974 Part II No. 68, issued on December 14, 1974, page 1433; Announcement on the scope of the Convention on the Reciprocal Secrecy of Defense Inventions, which are the subject of patent applications
  • Inventions from the region for the world. Series: Any more questions? At first it's just crazy ideas. Later it turns out: The party keg, home loan and savings contract and other inventions are success stories.
  • Download 3,290 Invented Stock Photos for free, or at amazingly low prices. New users receive a 60% DISCOUNT. 135,960,601 stock photos online

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  1. Effi Briest: Drama 1974 by Rainer Werner Fassbinder with Irm Hermann / Ulli Lommel / Karlheinz Böhm. Now in the kin
  2. The lurching Franco regime in Spain wanted to show its severity in 1974. That is why a young German was strangled with a garrote. It took the executioner almost half an hour to execute
  3. Le Corsaire 1974. Oil on canvas. Approx. 120x120cm. Leave a reply: (Cancel reply) Name
  4. The most important invention of the 21st century. The majority of Germans consider smartphones to be the most important invention of the 21st century. The respondents were asked to select those 3 from a list of 23 inventions and developments (plus miscellaneous) from the last 15 years that they consider to be the most important.

Enrico Bombieri, mathematician, recipient of the Fields Medal (1974) Enea Bossi, Sr., inventor of the Pedaliante (1937) Daniel Bovet: (Nobel Prize) - for his discoveries about synthetic compounds that make certain substances effective in the body, and especially their effect on the vascular system and the skeletal muscles. The invention was based on Valdemar Poulsen's wire recording method. 1928 The IBM punch card. The IBM card - a sturdy, rectangular 80-column punch card with rectangular holes that represent bits of data - remained the industry standard for storing and recording data for decades. It puts IBM at the forefront of data processing and becomes the symbol of the. A remarkable occasion to issue a 5-mark coin was the 25th anniversary of the Basic Law in 1974. On May 23, 1949, this important piece of legislation came into force, making this issue. Founder of ARTinWORDS * 1974 in Linz, studied art history, history and Romance languages ​​in Vienna and Rome. Since 1999 art mediator in Vienna, since 2004 author for various art magazines. The most recent publications have been made for the Kunsthaus Zürich, Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt, Albertina and Belvedere in Vienna

Jürgen Marcus - I didn't invent love 1974 I see a rainbow in the sky and think of you. A pair of swallows comes flying by, I'm thinking of you. Every joy that I feel, I connect with you. What can I do about it? I didn't invent love, I only know one thing, how beautiful it is Chronicle of the year 1978: all the important events of the year '78 from politics, business, culture and sport The first modern VW car was the K70, which had it all What the previous Volkswagen lacked: a water-cooled in-line engine at the front, front-wheel drive, plenty of space and storage space and effective heating. 1973 came the Passat, which was only a hatchback version of the Audi 80 developed by Auto Union and was therefore not really a new development. In 1974 the first finally went. Multi-ethnic debut from 1974 appears again Rediscovery: Why Fran Ross' Oreo novel is so delicious Main content by Maike Albath, MDR CULTURE literary critic Who invented it? Triathlon Sep 24, 2010; Marco Heibel When you hear the word triathlon, almost everyone thinks of the Ironman in Hawaii. This sport grew up there too. The triathlon originated in a country that is not one of the leading triathlon nations today. The cradle of triathlon is not in the USA, but in France. 1920 was at the gates of Paris.

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New inventions such as the synthesis of the red dye alizarin and the great demand for tar dyes lead to a start-up boom. During this time, numerous dye factories were established, but only innovative companies with their own research and the ability to take advantage of the opportunities on the international market prevail over the long term. Bayer is one of them At the beginning of the 20th century there is hope and optimism. The world exhibition in Paris celebrates the achievements of different countries and shows the latest inventions, such as diesel engines, sound films and escalators. The world exhibition has over 50 million visitors

. Collectors are often interested in postage stamps or coins. But besides these widespread collecting passions, there are also more unusual possibilities. The year 1968. The spirit of '68: student riots, the Prague Spring, the jump of the century and Oswald Kolle. All events of the year from politics, business, culture and sport

1974. Hewlett Packard launches a programmable pocket calculator. 1975. Clocks and pocket calculators are equipped with LCD (liquid crystal displays). 1976. IBM brings the dot matrix printer to computer stores. Maiden flight of the French supersonic aircraft 'Concorde' in scheduled flight. 197 the mechanical duck. Stories, poems and reports of people and their inventions by Wildermuth, Rosemarie at ZVAB.com - ISBN 10: 3770761278 - ISBN 13: 9783770761272 - Ellermann - 1974 - Softcove All groups and knockout games of the DFB Cup 1973/1974. 01, 1974 - 100th anniversary of the death of physicist Johann Philipp Reis, the famous physicist Johann Philipp Reis, born on January 7th, 1834 in Gelnhausen, was the inventor of the first telephone, which he presented to the public for the first time on October 26th, 1861 at a meeting of the Union of Physicists in Frankfurt / m. presents. The scientist who was originally a merchant and.

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  1. To be more precise: For the Oktoberfest 1974 in Munich. It was there that today's Specialized boss Mike Sinyard decided to earn his living with bike parts. Hardly back in the States, Sinyard started the chapter Specialized with $ 1,500 seed capital. Frame builder Tom Ritchey was one of Sinyard's first customers. He told me about these new types of mountain bikes, recalls Sinyard, who remembers.
  2. Who invented it? die schweizer, of course, 1974 Expert talk on DDR5 memory on July 7th, 2020 On July 7th, 2020 from 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., hardware editor Marc Sauter will answer your questions about DDR5
  3. Many inventions at universities and non-university research institutions can be used economically. Therefore, the scientific institutions are well advised to secure the property rights to these research results; e.g. as a patent. Because this is how you benefit from later marketing. At the same time, the potential of inventions for companies is increased by
  4. eWDG, 1974. Meanings. 1. Document on a granted right, especially on the property right for an invention. Examples: acquire, grant, take a patent. The designers applied for a patent for the new bridge structure. the patent has expired. 2. Certificate of an acquired professional qualification, certificate of appointment. a) for nautical and engineering matters.
  5. 1974 Born in Mainz on the Rhine; 1994 high school diploma; 1995 community service in the WFB Mainz; 1996- apprenticeship as a carpenter in the joinery; 1999 summer Breitscheid; 1999- studies at the Academy for Crafts; 2002 -design Gut-Rosenberg in Aachen; 2002- Foundation of the Combinaat company with; 2005 Robert Hansel and Dennis Winterberg; 2005 self-employed with the company friendly inventions.
  6. 10/1974 - 12/1979 Law studies at the Maximilians University of Würzburg, 1st state examination Current fields of work - Chair of the 1st Nullity Senate - Court administration Other activities: Various publications, lectures on industrial property protection at home and abroad. 8 Beate Schmidt From thinker to inventor? Dear Professor Klug, my very good

German inventions from 1901 to 193

To protect your usage data, we ask you to activate the Facebook functions if you want to use them. This is how you ensure that no data is inadvertently transferred to the Facebook server. Die mechanical duck: Stories, poems and reports of people and their inventions (German) Paperback - January 1, 1974 by Rosemarie Wildermuth (editor) Show all formats and editions Hide other formats and editions. Price new from used from.

The invention of abstraction. October 20, 2016 - January 29, 2017. Even before the Second World War, two artists, the painter Paul Klee and the sculptor Ewald Mataré, were appointed to Düsseldorf who had embarked on the path of abstraction in their art. In 1933, both artists had to leave the art academy, inventions and discoveries. Found out that 42 is not the answer to all questions, but the result of something called a multiplication of two numbers. This realization earned him the Nobel Prize in Banal Mathematics and Astro-TV .; Impressed by the Hungarian vowel revolution, he created the formula E = mc², which in turn led, among other things, to the discovery of the mushroom cloud 5.16 Patents and Inventions 5-207 1974 3916751 Stich / Norlin: HB with stationary coils 1974 3983778 Bartolini: wide magnetic field 1975 4026178 Fuller: PU with U-shaped yoke 1975 4051761 Nylen: magnetize strings by hand 1977 4133243 DiMarzio: SDS-1 1978 4145944 Helpinstill: magnetic field + structure-borne noise 1979 4220069 Fender: PU with ceramic bar magnet and yoke 1979 4283982 Armstrong: HB.

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The worldwide success of the invention laid the foundation for the Ceramic Colors division, which Degussa spun off into Cerdec AG in 1993. This company was incorporated into the new company dmc2 on January 1, 2000, with the precious metals and automotive exhaust gas catalytic converters divisions. In August 2001 these were sold; the current owner is the Belgian Umicore. Invention of the book cover (at the beginning wooden cover, later leather) 1974. In RFC 675 the basic protocol TCP for the Internet is specified and this term is mentioned for the first time in writing. 1977. The first completely assembled microcomputer, the PET 2001, is presented (Commodore International) Sharp introduces the PC-1210 as the first universal. In 1974 both protagonists received the Freiherr vom Stein Prize. In his acceptance speech, Alfred Müller-Armack emphasizes the continuity of the social market economy over the decades. Ludwig Erhard, however, sees the concept at the end: What has become of it is far from his ideas of freedom and responsibility

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Amazon.de/musik: Jürgen Marcus - I didn't invent love (1974) / Buy vinyl single now. Review, I didn't invent love (1974) / Vinyl single [Vinyl-Single 7 ''] Technical, legal and economic information from patent documents. How to Quickly Access Patent Information Databases and Other Useful Tools Legend Building - Who Invented It? Media professions; November 18, 2018, 6:58 p.m. Legends: Who invented it? The phrase Follow the money has been a journalist myth ever since it was a tipster.

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