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WhatsApp: Contacts Error status unavailable and chain letter - That's true / That's not true

Although it has been in WhatsApp for ages that you can only use the app for Android for free for one year and then have to pay a small amount for each additional year, there was a huge outcry (we reported). Now new rumors were making the rounds in the form of a chain letter and the negative headlines about WhatsApp simply did not subside. Then there was an error “Error status unavailable” in the contacts today and the chaos was perfect.

WhatsApp contacts: Error status unavailable

WhatsApp had problems with the contacts, which is why an “Error status unavailable” appeared. The rest of the server problems were to blame, which is why this status message came up.

That alone would not unsettle anyone with WhatsApp, but due to the headlines in recent weeks that WhatsApp should be chargeable, there were some chain letters that now wanted to unsettle the users.

WhatsApp chain letters

So then a chain letter made the rounds:

If your WhatsApp Status Error: status unavailable then you are not a frequent user and at 17.00 CAT Whatsapp will be chargeable for you.

Shock, of course, because users who are easily unsettled also believe that. There were also numerous other chain letters. For example, that WhatsApp should be discontinued on January 28th. But there was also a chain letter stating that WhatsApp should now incur monthly costs:

Your beloved WhatsApp ™ app will have to be paid for in the near future, i.e. there will be monthly costs! To get around this, the WhatsApp ™ community decided to write this chain letter.

In order for this warning to be heard, it should be retransmitted as often as possible. This is also the only way to get rid of future costs. So you can speak of luck if you could read this message at all. After you have successfully sent this message (double check) to 10 other friends, your WhatsApp ™ logo will light up in red.

With best regards
Your WhatsApp ™ community

OF COURSE, ALL NON-SHIRT! And let's get it right now:

  • WhatsApp will NOT be discontinued on January 28th!
  • WhatsApp will NOT incur any monthly costs
  • WhatsApp is also NOT suddenly chargeable at 5 p.m.

Instead, the same applies to WhatsApp as before:

  • iOS users pay a small one-time fee in the iTunes App Store in order to be able to use WhatsApp indefinitely
  • Android users can use WhatsApp for FREE for one year, after which a fee is payable annually. HERE we have described where you can see when WhatsApp is running. As a user, you will be informed if the license expires.

We hope to have the facts on the table now. Should anyone still have questions or problems, just get in touch in the comments.