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Beginner's Guide - Guides & Game Tips for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Game Tips: Guide to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Beginners guide

The following tips are only aimed at beginners, for whom we want to make the first steps in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on Switch and Wii U easier.

The Mastering the Shrines is indispensable for the ascent: For every four awards received there, you are allowed to develop links at holy places.

Be careful in the shrines the more or less hidden boxes: These are optional additional goals that bring you valuable equipment.

Increases at Also level up the stamina: It is worth strengthening Link in this area early on if you want to climb high, spur longer or tame horses.

Attention: Without torch, warm clothes or meals with chilli you freeze to death very quickly in frosty heights. If you take a torch with you, do not feel it, otherwise it will go out.

Warning: when it rains, you can no longer climb and slide off. Then use the parasail quickly to avoid falling to your death.

Just before a If the weapon breaks, you should throw it! The number in the menu indicates its strength, a red color indicates its fragile condition.

Use the shield in battle: He stops arrows and his counterattack at the time of the enemy blow gives you efficient additional attacks.

When cooking, sets of ingredients ensure such as tusks, jaws and heart of a Bokblins together with insects and monster slime for special effects.

When cooking it is usually enough to have one Apple and a vegetable or a mushroom to mix with special effects like increased stamina or strength.

With flint you can start a fire yourself: Put flint at a wood, hit it with an iron weapon and it will glow.

Collect your arrows after the shooting, because they are quite expensive at the dealer at the beginning.

Pay attention to small inconsistencies or peculiarities in the landscape such as four bowls with only three apples in them: behind them there are puzzles or mini-games. If you solve it, you will get a krog seed with which you can expand your weapon, bow or shield bag.

Uses in Fight against Bokblin camps Headshots at the tower guards and the surrounding area: Sometimes you can roll rocks down a slope, shoot explosive barrels with fire arrows or use iron boxes as a weapon via magnetism.

Power at Climbing the towers always take a break at the intermediate platforms to fully recharge your stamina.

First, tame a mold, because they are not as tricky as the black horses, for which you need a lot of perseverance. If you try to do this, you will need many meals that will give you perseverance.

Do you have your horse somewhere far away to forget? A whistle doesn't help, but no problem: tell a stable operator and he'll get it back immediately.

Upgrade armor: As soon as you have found the fairy in the forest northeast of Kakariko, you can upgrade helmets, jackets and pants with her, with set bonuses.

You defeat stone giantsby climbing up on them and hitting the sparkling gem on their backs with a hammer.

If you have one Water lily circle see somewhere, you should jump into its midst.

Sold at dealers quietly everything about amber or precious metal, because you won't need that later.

You choose in the inn not the simple, but the luxury bed, you might wake up with more hearts.

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