What is the new Instagram app

What is Instagram This is how the service works - a short guide

What is this Instagram that everyone is always talking about? Who is allowed to take part, what rules are there and what should be observed? GIGA explains the basics and explains what Instagram is, for whom it is suitable and which mistakes you should avoid.

The answer to the question of what Instagram is in one sentence: Instagram is an app with which you can upload photos to the Internet and share them with the whole world. But of course it's not that simple in reality. For this reason, we are now going to explain how Instagram works and how you can get the most out of the app.

In this video you can find out more about the Instagram feature "Stories":

Explanation: what is Instagram?

Instagram is a free social network that belongs to the Facebook group and where members can upload their pictures and videos to show them either to the whole world, only to their selected followers or just to a few close friends. You can write a text under each upload and make your posting easier to find with a hashtag. Participation is only allowed from the age of 13!

If you want to use Instagram, then you should use the original Instagram app or another social media app with which you can use Instagram. The latter is interesting because these “replacement apps” use the website - and there you get Instagram without advertising.

Every member has a username on Instagram, under which it can also be found there. This username is also the Instagram address, such as https://www.instagram.com/gigatechde/

This is how Instagram works

Instagram is a social network. This means that the members connect with each other by following others, viewing their posts and, if necessary, “liking” them. You can also comment on other people's posts - unless comments have been deactivated on Instagram.

As an Instagram member, you have some control over who can see your pictures and videos, but little control over which postings you see. In the past, you just got everything displayed by the people you followed. In the meantime, there are also algorithms here that decide which posts are displayed. This inevitably means that your followers don't necessarily get to see all of you.

There are three ways you can control access to your images:

  1. "Normal" posts will be shown to anyone who can find you using your username.
  2. Your contributions are automatically "private" if you have switched your entire account to "private". They are then only shown to your followers - where you can decide who is allowed to follow you.
  3. For the “Instagram Stories” feature, there is also the “Close Friends” list. You can add selected people from your followers to this list and if you use the feature, only these people will see the story. It remains invisible to others.

You can also define who can follow you without a “private Instagram account”. Similar to other social networks, users can be blocked. This not only prevents them from seeing your posts. They also can't even find your account anymore. But that only works really well in the Instagram app. If the account is not private, you can easily be found in the browser if your username is known.

An Instagram posting usually consists of three components:

  • One Picture or video
  • One accompanying text with explanations of the content
  • Several hashtags, under which the image can also be found in a search

Instagram followers usually don't just consist of friends and acquaintances. Rather, a lot of people use the hashtags to find other accounts on a favorite topic. And suddenly you have followers from all over the world that you have never met personally.

Instagram tips

  • Find a cool Instagram name and see if it's free before signing up.
  • Look for a couple of Instagram accounts on Google subjects out, that interest you and look at them. What are you missing, what do you want to see more of? This is your niche!
  • Check the hashtags of these accounts - especially if they have a lot of followers. Remember these hashtags for your own use.
  • Use an app on which you can see which followers have been added and which have already dropped out. Many accounts with many followers attract you by following you and then leaving again when you follow them.
  • Get used to a certain regularity of your postings. If you rarely upload something, your followers will not remember you and will probably slide deeper in the Instagram algorithm, so that you will be seen even less often.
  • Visit the posts of your followers and "like" their posts back.

Caution: You should avoid that on Instagram

  • Beware of brand names! For legal reasons, you should avoid these in your texts and hashtags.
  • No nudity! Similar to Facebook, you're more likely to get away with Instagram with swastikas than with a nipple. Accounts (not just posts) are radically deleted.
  • Avoid advertising if it's not for your living. And if you have to post advertising pictures or videos, follow the current court rulings on advertising on Instagram.

With this explanation you should be able to take your first steps on Instagram successfully. You can find out many recipes for success yourself by taking a closer look at what you like. As with any social network, there are no prizes for watching, but taking part will get you ahead.

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