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Cure autoimmune disease by yourself?
Health expert Marcel Sarnow shows how one can significantly increase the quality of life despite an autoimmune disease

01.03.2021 – 11:20

Marcel Sarnow - Health Coach

Hessigheim (ots)

The health coach Marcel Sarnow is extremely successful in helping clients achieve a better quality of life despite an autoimmune disease with tips from practice for practice.

The expert is often asked: "Can you cure an autoimmune disease yourself?". Autoimmune diseases cannot be cured, but quality of life can be increased significantly despite autoimmune diseases.

He knows the signs of illness from personal experience, at least when it comes to the autoimmune disease Crohn's disease. In his younger years he was sick and completely cured of this, the expert has made it his mission to improve the quality of life, performance and well-being of other people with these diseases as well as other diseases such as ulcerative colitis, type 2 diabetes, arteriosclerosis, multiple sclerosis and Hashimoto's thyroiditis (Hashimoto) to help.

About the various ailments that the health expert takes on

Hashimoto's thyroiditis, also called chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis, is again a constant inflammation of the thyroid gland.

Arteriosclerosis is a pathological change in the arteries that cannot be neglected and which can appear primarily as a consequence of calcium deposits on the inner wall. In colloquial language, this disease is also known as hardening of the arteries.

Type 2 diabetes is a disease that occurs predominantly from the age of 40. This type of diabetes has a relative insulin deficiency. Although the pancreas continues to produce insulin, the body cells lose their sensitivity to the hormone. As a result, the release of insulin from the body cells of the pancreas is severely hindered.

Crohn's disease is an immense, chronic and flare-up inflammation. This occurs primarily in the rear section of the small intestine, but can also affect all sections of the digestive tract and is associated with cramp-like abdominal pain, diarrhea and fever.

Ulcerative colitis is a chronic disease of the large intestine, i.e. a long-lasting, sometimes lifelong and often also progressing disease of the large intestine.

Multiple sclerosis (MS) remains an inflammatory and chronic, but not contagious, disease in the central nervous system. In addition to the entire brain, the spinal cord can also be affected.

In addition to the impairments listed in particular, clients receive support from health coach Marcel Sarnow for Sjörgren's syndrome, Hashimoto, sarcoid, lupus, psoriasis, rheumatism and Graves' disease.

These organs and parts of the organism can be affected by an autoimmune disease

At this point, the expert says: "It is unbelievable how considerable the list is, eyes, thyroid, arteries, the nervous system, pancreas, small intestine, liver, lungs, skin, kidneys, muscles and vessels can be affected." The expert also lists: "Connective tissue, the brain, the blood, the intestines, the stomach, the inner ear, the heart and the mouth can also be affected".

Which therapeutic approaches and tips the health coach can offer his clients

People of all ages and from numerous parts of the country come to health coach Marcel Sarnow to receive help and support from him. In this context, clients can rely on this specialist to receive the very best support and nutrition offers for their symptoms. In this way, with health coach Marcel Sarnow, the sick do not first have to torment themselves through a large number of nutritional strategies, but get the optimal nutritional system for the symptoms straight away. This fact provides clients with useful time savings as well as quick improvements in quality of life. Apart from a better feeling of well-being, the consequences are, among other things, a noticeably improved night sleep, regulated digestion, improved performance, less stress and a positive view of your own future. For many of the clients of health expert Marcel Sarnow, it is essential that they always have an expert available to answer their questions.

The health coach Marcel Sarnow and his clients tend to achieve an improved symptom pattern in a generally faster time, which is characterized by noticeably more strength, time and zest for life and which repeatedly focuses on a positive as well as self-determined life. New interests such as engaging in a leisure activity, more time for relatives and friends or feeling more euphoria in life can be pleasant side effects of the process that begins to improve quality of life. The health expert also enables his clients to have in-depth knowledge of their illness, which helps them to better understand the symptoms of illness and their relationships. The transparency gained in this way about the personal state of health supports them in creating a positive view of the current constellation and in designing a personal life concept for the time afterwards.

Which inner fire drives the health coach Marcel Sarnow in his day-to-day profession

When asked which inner fire drives the health coach Marcel Sarnow and what he does differently than many other professionals, he replies: "For my part, I tackle this evil in coaching. Where others only try to treat these symptoms and ailments with medication To get a grip on pills or globules, I completely disregard all of this. These symptoms and complaints are only important in order to be able to estimate a rough timetable in advance. At the beginning of the cooperation there is a thorough anamnesis with a nutrition check Doctors even ask what their patient eats every day, but a lot of problems can be deduced from such a question: If the patient drinks 30 cups of coffee a day, for example, or eats one kg of chocolate, it is quite clear the hand, where some of the problems can come from. But there is never that deep inquiries. " In his view of things, "the most important step is to find out the cause of the discomfort and to eliminate it."

A relevant aspect for the specialist Marcel Sarnow is the coherent handling of the topic of stress

In addition to the reason for enjoying 30 cups of coffee a day, for example, the conversations that health coach Marcel Sarnow has with his clients revolve around topics such as nutrition, physical exercise, breathing, relaxation and excitement. For some of his clients, the latter part goes far beyond the normal stress of a busy everyday life. In addition, the issue of stress is largely neglected by many people, an important aspect that health expert Marcel Sarnow needs to shed light on. Professional Marcel Sarnow describes the correct handling of the issue of stress as "decisive for the war". Because who has not experienced the consequences of stress first hand, for example when the notorious blackout occurs during an exam.

About the health coach Marcel Sarnow

When Marcel Sarnow himself suffered from the autoimmune disease Crohn's disease as a child, he discovered during treatment that none of the doctors used the word "healing". More precisely, there was constant talk of alleviating or improving symptoms. As a result, none of the treatment methods were tailored to the goal of getting well. This preoccupied him so much from a young age that he decided to help other people to take their lives into their own hands.

Today Marcel Sarnow is a health advisor, medical fitness trainer and certified IBMS coach. He lives and works in Hessigheim in the state of Baden-Württemberg.

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