Balthasar de Pury watches wholesale


1. Do you remember your first watch?

As being an 80’s child I was born in the aftermath of the quartz crisis. My oldest memory is probably that flik flak t-rex alarm clock or that cheap supermarket digital watch my parents bought me during an early 90’s holiday in Florida (that took water during its 1st swim). As well that white g-shock from the Brussel Airport & those swatches my uncle would give us every Xmas. I can remember vaguely as well a ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ watch I adored.

I was finally able to acquire my first mechanical watches with my first pay checks working as an assistant seller at Cartier from the age of 20 years old (still living at my mother’s helped as well).

My first love was the OMEGA Speedmaster that I would see heading to work every morning in the window of a boutique next door. I had the choice between the ‘one with a Snoopy on the dial’ or the one with a see-through caseback, I chose the 2nd option as I was fascinated by that mechanical wonder & would stare at the movement for hours. I quickly realized my mistake: I had to wait another 11 years to get my hands on a Snoopy again!