Whodunit Mystery Puzzles Emmy

Murder Mystery Cases for Crime Solving Sleuths

Unearth crucial clues, follow leads, interrogate suspects, tease apart the mysteries, and prove you have what it takes to catch whodunit.

Lead the charge on cracking open a puzzling new crime - nab the bad guy (or gal) without waiting for the next installation to arrive in the mail.

Everything you need to solve the case is included. But like a real detective, sometimes you'll have to go digging.

Get instant access and catch the culprit completely from your computer, phone, or tablet. All without getting your hands bloody.

Feel like a real detective and catch the culprit without even getting out of your PJ’s.

Couples who solve crimes together stay together. Grab your honey and your handcuffs (Oh la la) and have a killer date night.

If you're bored with your board games, this'll get the party started. Grab some friends and solve your way through Saturday night.

“Running a business legitimately makes me a burnt-out, crazy person, but being able to catch what exactly what I needed to recenter. Every new clue is like a little creative treat for my brain that get the gears moving and help my motivation get unstuck. I'm catching killers, but feeling a lot less stressed, actually. Who knew ?! ”

Jessica M.

“This game is so incredibly well thought through and fun! The story hooked me from the get-go and the clues, interviews and suspects kept me coming back for more. It makes you feel like you're really following along with a case and it's up to you to catch the culprit! "

Lindsey A.

“The cases are difficult to solve, but not impossibly hard, and the design of the site is amazing. So much thought has gone in to every aspect. You can tell that the creators are passionate about what they do. If you've been wondering if a murder mystery site is for you, sign up because this is the one! "

Michelle B.

"I scarf down true crime like it's going out of style, and I was worried I'd breeze through the cases. That said, they're the PERFECT difficulty. Not too hard, and not too easy, I get that rush every time I figure out a piece of the puzzle I didn't have before. It's an entire fictional world. Amazing. "

Kalen M.

“So much fun and I love it! The slow drip of clues is great because it allows you to think about the case in the back of your head, and it also makes it a lot more realistic. "

Lauren K

"I had a lot of suspects in my mind and was totally puzzled ... Absolutely!"

Rochel P.