4chan vs tumblr whoever wins new hampshire

Alright everyone, get out the hipster be gone, it would seem that 4chan has decided it is going to declare war on the center of Hipsterdom and go after he website known as tumblr. Now for those of you who much like the rest of the internet were not aware that tumblr existed [it's really obscure, and only a few people would know about it [/ hipster] it's a lot like some god awful combination between a blog and twitter . In fact if I didn’t know any better, I’d just call it a location for blogging, but I’m guessing it has some weird ass sorting scheme that makes it just different enough to matter. Tumblr’s about page describes the site as some strange sort of microblogging service. Now, what the difference between actual blogging and microblogging actually is I do not know, but what I do know is that unlike previous calls to action, this one seems to have a basis in reality.

Named Operation Overlord as it has been called is a call out to anonymous to attempt to take on Tumblr in a sort of cyber trolling war [you know, one in which whoever wins, both sides lose]. You'll get even more points if you can differentiate between the 4chan of today and Tumblr’s current userbase, it’s much like when 4chan or Reddit get the strange notion to attack each other in that both sites have the exact same userbase. The laugh here of course is that 4chan believes itself free of teenagers, but we all know that the majority of it's users are in need of a serious underage b & anyway, so I wouldn't be surprised if this god awful stunt is some way to get users who happen to be on 4chan but not on tumblr yet to sign for an account. Really it's not like you can troll a microblogging site anyway, that'd be like 10,000 new users signing up for blogs on wordpress and hoping it would make any kind of difference [tip: It won't]. I suppose there is some merit because of the nature of tumblr having some strange relationship with the twitter mentality [that if you shout in to the dark abyss enough someone will find what you have said and find it funny, they will then retweet what you have said, and now you are e-famous, the best kind of famous].

I guess what is confusing me in all of this is how in the hell you differentiate the two user bases. They are both terrible degradations of whatever memes and content 4chan, something awful, newgrounds, and the likes used to generate and perhaps more importantly than that is that the same hipsters that compose 4chan’s userbase are the same god damn hipsters that compose tumblr’s userbase. Both are insufferably inundated with people who think they are cooler than they actually are because they have inside knowledge of stupid phrases repeated over and over again on the internet. That's the thing kids [and I think I have talked about this before], the thing that made 4chan funny was the fact that all of us knew it wasn't funny at all. It was a group of college students with a pretty reasonable knowledge base all pretending to be ignorant morons / pedophiles / etc. Now and days it's just morons, pedophiles, etc. who don't realize that they are the joke.

I'm guessing that Jessie Slaughter event has some kind of play in to the current events, as it seems to be foundation for these two identical tribes running into each other. The funny thing to watch will be what unfolds over the next couple of days as nothing at all happens to tumblr because their servers [like facebook, twitter, etc] are maintained professionally, so pointing the DDoS cannon at the website probably won't have an effect at all. In turn they have decided their attack vector will be to attempt to troll people who in turn think that they are cool because they are being trolled by 4chan.

I miss the old days when we attacked Habbo hotel and joked about lighting kittens on fire. But then again the last time I visited the site with any other intent than browsing for cultural gathering data was almost 3 years ago.

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