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Be a pretty teenage girl

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    Realize that true beauty always comes from within first. Even the most beautiful girl will drive away all of her friends if she is mean, manipulative, or selfish. At the same time, a girl who thinks herself a gray mouse can make many lifelong friends if she is kind, fair, and compassionate. In this paragraph you will find many important tips on how you can make your inner beauty shine outwards.

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    Smile often. A sullen facial expression or a sinister expression with a wrinkled forehead can make even the most beautiful person look unattractive and intimidating. However, a friendly smile will always make your face appear brighter, friendlier and more open to new acquaintances.

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    Be polite. Make sure that you always say “please” when you want something from another person and thank the other person with a friendly smile and a “thank you” when you get it. If you want to walk past someone, you should also say "Sorry" or "Sorry, please."

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    Show that you care about others.If you notice your girlfriend or classmate looking sad, ask what is going on and ask if the other person would like to talk about it. When the other person begins to tell you what is bothering them, you should listen carefully. Even if you don't fully understand their problems personally, the other person will get the feeling that you care about them and that you care about them. The other person will find your caring to be a very beautiful quality in you.
    • You can also show that you care for other people's well-being by volunteering at a retirement home, soup kitchen, or animal shelter.
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    Try to be more positive and helpful in general.The more positive and helpful you are to other people, the happier you will be with yourself. You may then even succeed in no longer concentrating on your flaws and flaws (e.g. that annoying pimple on the tip of your nose), but instead realizing that you have extremely many good and admirable qualities. Here are a few ways you might find yourself thinking more positively:
    • If something doesn't turn out the way you would like it to, you should still try to find something positive about the situation. You can also think about what you can do to improve the situation for the next time. Often times, the life lesson learned after a setback is far more valuable in the long run than if everything had worked out the first time. If you focus on the benefits in every situation, you will be able to strengthen your own positive outlook on life.
    • When faced with unforeseen circumstances, you should try to adapt your reaction to the new circumstances and make the most of it. For example, if it's raining on the exact day you were going to have a picnic that you planned and prepared for a week, consider moving the picnic indoors. You could make the event even better by showing a good movie or pulling out a few board games.
    • If one of your friends is really excited about a certain thing, make an effort to share that excitement with them. Alternatively, you can ask lots of questions to show your friend that you are interested in them.
    • If your friend is really good at a certain thing, try to always encourage them. An example: Your friend is very talented at drawing. If so, you should reassure him that his drawings are really good and that you really love his unique style.
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    Never bully other people or support other people in bullying.If you put others down, you will never end up feeling better about yourself or improving your own life. The opposite is most likely the case: the more you make fun of other people, the less you will like yourself. Sometimes the bullying could even come right back to you. By doing your vicious actions, you could cause really bad harm to another person or badly damage their self-confidence.
    • Instead, ask yourself what motivates you personally to consider bullying as an appropriate act or to participate in it with a clear conscience - are there any personal emotional or psychological problems in your life that you should work on? Or are you maybe (subconsciously) trying to be accepted by the bullying person? Is the person being bullied or their specific actions symbolic of something or someone you don't like? Perhaps the bullied person represents a quality that you have neglected in yourself or that you would like to have yourself.
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    Work and study hard.Even if your grades aren't particularly good, or if you're not already the top scorer on your team, your fellow human beings are sure to notice if you try hard. The other people in your life will appreciate your making an effort and will look up to you because of that. Also, as you work to develop your intelligence and expand your knowledge, you will find that many doors will open for you in life.
    • Try to do well in school. Find a subject that you really enjoy or that excites you and try to do your best in that subject and work extra hard. You may even find that your classmates will ask you for help in this subject. Even if there is a subject that is not your forte at all, you should not neglect that subject. Your teacher may be appreciative of the fact that you are at least trying and diligent. If possible, you should also try to get in touch with other students who are willing to help you with this subject or do the assignments together.
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    Don't forget about your hobbies and talents. If you enjoy drawing, you should consider taking art classes. If you enjoy singing and dancing, you should apply for a role in the next school play. If you continue to take care to build a diverse range of hobbies and skills, you will find it easier to grow and become more sophisticated as a person.

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    Learn more about the world and your environment.Take a look around and see if you can discover something new and different among the many well-known things in your familiar environment today - is there anything that you have not noticed before? Try to explore new places, cultures, and topics, and see what similarities and differences you can spot. If you stay curious all your life and strive to deepen your knowledge of the world, not only will you have a lot of fun and exciting things, but you will also likely get a real treasure chest full of fascinating information with the help of that you can create bonds with other people that you might never have thought possible.
    • Read more. Find out what is happening in the news (both national and global) in the news and see what you can learn from it. Read more world literature, poetry, and non-fiction and immerse yourself in someone else's ideas or life for a while.
    • Listen carefully to what other people have to say. Listen to the radio, podcasts, and in general, listen more carefully to those around you. Each person has a unique, valuable knowledge that you can acquire that will help you grow as a person.
    • Ask questions. “Why” is one of the best questions, and in many cases it can help you identify the core of a problem. Don't be afraid to ask lots of questions, because your questions (if you ask the right ones) can make the other person feel like they're relevant too. In addition, you will not only feel self-confident and radiate self-confidence, but you will also be able to deepen your own knowledge.
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    Try to be confident but not arrogant. In no case should you constantly brag about your accomplishments and possessions. At the same time, it is not necessary to deny your talents and to put your light under a bushel. Try to go through the world with your head held high. Make sure your back is straight and your shoulders are back. This upright posture will help you to appear more confident to others and, subsequently, to feel that way too. Many people find self-esteem very attractive. In addition, a healthy self-esteem will contribute to your personal development as a person being boosted and you can become the person you would like to be.