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Telekom StreamOn: You can use these streaming partners without burdening your data volume


Thanks to StreamOn from Telekom, the data traffic of selected services is not counted towards your data volume. We reveal which services you can use with StreamOn.

Unfortunately, data volume is often still a scarce commodity in this country, and a lot of apps suck on our smartphones. Streaming videos and music on the go, in particular, can quickly consume hundreds of megabytes. But Telekom has a simple solution to this problem: the "StreamOn" option.

Thanks to this, Telekom customers can enjoy unlimited streaming - provided the service used is a StreamOn partner. In the meantime, however, the telecommunications group has already been able to recruit over 450 partners for the offer.

Book Stream On now!

You can find an overview of all partners and information on how you can use the offer from us. In our video streaming comparison and music streaming comparison you can also find out how good the most popular streaming services really are.

StreamOn Social & Chat

If you book "StreamOn Social & Chat", WhatsApp, Tinder and Snapchat, among others, will no longer count towards your used quota of data. The option is available to you with the following tariffs:


Paid for 4.95 euros per month

Social & Chat Partners: As of April 2021

Which services no longer burden your data contingent thanks to the social & chat option? You can see all partners in the table.

StreamOn April 2021: Social & Chat

StreamOn Music

With StreamOn Music you can listen to music on the go without burdening your date volume. Telekom has already secured 276 partner services for music streaming.

Many popular music streaming services are included in StreamOn, including Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer, Audible, and Apple Music, among others. StreamOn Music is currently available free of charge with the following Telekom tariffs:

Thus, StreamOn Music is only not included in the old former MagentaMobil XS contracts. Because all more expensive contracts offer you StreamOn Music & Video - and StreamOn Music is already included here.

Music and audio streaming partners: As of April 2021

All of StreamOn Music's audio streaming partners in April 2021 can be found below:

Music and audio streaming partner
Absolutely BellaFootball was my first loveRadioBerlin 88.8Radio WAF deinfm
Absolutely hotFree radio WiesentalRadio BielefeldRadio Westfalica
Absolutely musicXLGAY FM - Pure DanceRADIO BOB!Radio Wuppertal
Absolutely oldie classicsGerman hitsRadioeinsRadio Vest
Absolutely relaxGOLD FMRadio BochumRadio Zwickau
Apple radiogong fmRadio BonnRadio 7
Apple MusicCraftsman radioRadio chunksRADIO 21
ALDI life musicHarbourTown RadioRadio B2Radio 90.1
AlternativeFMharmony.fmRadio Charivari (Munich)Radio 91.2
Amazon Musichearthis.atRadio Charivari WürzburgRhombus music
Antenna BavariaHellweg radioRadio ChemnitzReceiver
Aerial BrandenburgHit104 - Your Top40 ChannelRadio CityBeatREYFM
Aerial DüsseldorfHitkanal.FMRadio DresdenRock antenna
Aerial LuxembourgHit Radio N1Radio DuisburgRockland Radio
Aerial MunsterHitradio FFHRadioeinsRockland.fm
Antenna MVHitradio MS OneRadio Emscher LippeRPR1
Antenna Lower RhineHitradio RT1Radio Energy (Bremen)R.SA
Antenna Lower SaxonyHitradio RTLRadio Ennepe RuhrR.SH
Antenna Unnahr1Radio ErftSTAR FM
Antenna Thuringiahr2 cultureRadio ErzgebirgeRTL radio
Antenna Sylthr3Radio Erzgebirge 2Schlager paradise
antenna 1hr4Radio foodSchlagerplanet Radio
ARD audio libraryhr-iNFORadio EuskirchenSecondRadio
AstigaHUAWEI MusicRadio fairgroundSkoobe
atmotraxx radioI love radioradio ffnSoundcloud
atomicradioInfo radioRadio fantasySpotify
AudibleISN radioRadio FritzSpreeradio
Audiobooks by DeezerJACK FM - Only the hits!Radio gongSR
AudiomackJAM FMRadio GüterslohSR2 KulturRadio
Ballermann radiokick! fmRadio HagenSR3
barba radioClassic Radio SelectRadio HanoverSTAR FM 87.9
BAUMANN and CLAUSEN radioKochblogradioRadio HerfordStingray Music
BAYERN 3Cult radioRadio HerneSWR1 BW
BB radioCultural radioRadio HochstiftSWR1 RP
bigFMAccording to.fmRadio KiepenkerlSWR2
BigMusic RadioLeipzig BeatzzRadio K.W.SWR3
BookBeatLoungeFMRadio CologneSWR4 Baden Württemberg
breakz.fmlulu.fmRadio LausitzSWR4 Rhineland-Palatinate
Bremen oneMDR audioRadio LeipzigTechnobase.fm
Bremen NEXTMDR JUMPRadio Leipzig 2ndTech & Tonic
Bremen fourMDR cultureRadio LeverkusenTechno4Ever
Bremen twoMDR SputnikRadio Lippethe wave - relaxing radio
BR radiomeinsportpodcast.deRadio lip waveTidal
BurnFMMunich’s hardest hitsRadioMonster.FMTop100 station
ByteFMMusical radioRadio MKOUR DING
Chart mixNapsterRadio MühlheimWDR 2
Classic rock radioNarandoRadio NeandertalWebradioscout24
Club FMNDR 2Radio North Sea WaveWave Lower Rhine
Country 108NDR infoRadio Oberhausendesired radio
THE THINGNDR cultureRadio PalomaYOU FM
DeezerNDR radioradioplayer.de1A-Webradio.de
yourfmN-JOYRadio rainbow1LIVE
delta radioThe new waveRadio Roland1000 answers
DELUXE MUSICThe new 107.7Radio RSG104.6 RTL Berlin's Hitradio
DIGGA.FMNovum FMRadio RST106.4 Top FM
Discofox FMOstseewelle HIT-RADIO Mecklenburg-Western PomeraniaRadio Rur106.9 Radio gong
DLF audio libraryplanet radioRadio Saarbrücken360 by Deezer
DANUBE 3 FMPrimephonicRadio Sauerland54house.fm
egoFMPULSERadio SAW80s80s
EnergizerstylePULS FM - Pure Dance RadioRADIO SALÜ89.0 RTL
ENERGYQobuzRadio Schwabmünchen90s90s
ERF Plusradio.de Radio Teddy
ERF Popradio.de PRIMERadio sound
ESC radioRadio 90. fourradio top 40
Party friendRadio AllgäuHITRadio UNiCC
Fivee.FMRadio Arabella (Munich)Radio VHR
Flux MusicRadio BergRadio WAF
StreamOn April 2021: Music and audio

StreamOn Music & Video

Telekom has also thought of fans of sophisticated video streaming entertainment. The corresponding option called StreamOn Music & Video has various online video libraries in addition to the music streaming services already mentioned. You can book StreamOn Music & Video within the scope of the following tariffs:


  • MagentaMobil M
  • MagentaMobil M Young
  • Family Card M
  • MagentaMobil L
  • MagentaMobil L Young
  • Family Card L
  • Magenta Mobil XL
  • MagentaMobil XL Young

Deutsche Telekom excludes the MagentaMobil S tariff from StreamOn Music & Vidoe. You cannot book it for a surcharge either.

Video streaming partner: As of April 2021

In the area of ​​video streaming, Telekom is already providing 127 partners as part of StreamOn.

StreamOn April 2021: Video streaming

We can also be quite satisfied with the number of participating video streaming services. Netflix, Amazon Video, MagineTV, Sky Go and Sky Ticket are included.

There are also numerous media libraries from German TV stations such as the ARD media library and the ZDF media library.

StreamOn Gaming

StreamOn Gaming enables online and multiplayer games to be played on the smartphone and can be booked free of charge from the MagentaMobil S. Here again in the overview:


  • MagentaMobil S-XL Young
  • MagentaMobil S-XL
  • Family Cards S-L

The games listed so far: As of April 2021

StreamOn Gaming now includes around 40 games. These include titles like Fortnite and Pokémon Go.

StreamOn April 2021: Gaming

This is important to note with StreamOn

When using StreamOn you should keep in mind that with all options the loading of album covers, advertisements, games and other content that does not belong to the pure audio or video streaming are counted towards the data volume.

With StreamOn Gaming, too, the loading of advertising and other content that does not belong to pure gaming are counted towards the data volume. This shouldn't take up too much data, but it's worth mentioning anyway.

Throttled Internet = throttled StreamOn content

In addition, the following also applies to StreamOn: If the volume included in the contract is used up, the associated bandwidth speed also fully affects StreamOn content. If the included volume of the basic tariff is used up by other data usage and the bandwidth has been limited to a maximum of 64 kbit / s in the download and 16 kbit / s in the upload, the bandwidth restriction also applies to StreamOn Gaming.

So if you don't have any data volume left, the telecom option won't help. The option does not include a minimum contract term and can be canceled daily.

You might also be wondering why as a MagentaMobil XL or MagentaMobil XL Young customer you should book a free StreamOn option at all? After all, the tariff in Germany offers unlimited data volume for surfing and streaming anyway. You do not have this option when traveling abroad, where this function is only limited to 32 GB.

If this is not enough for you abroad, you should book the corresponding StreamOn options free of charge to be on the safe side. Because you can also use them in other EU countries. Here, too, there are a few restrictions to be observed, which we will explain to you below. Because the StreamOn options in other EU countries are not "unlimited", their performance is based on the monthly basic price.

Special features when using StreamOn

When using StreamOn, there are a few things to consider that you cannot find on the Deutsche Telekom website. We were able to take the following restrictions from a PDF file with detailed information on the additional booking options for the Telekom tariffs:

  • StreamOn does not apply to the use of VPN connections.
  • StreamOn only applies if you are using the current version of the partner's app.
  • StreamOn does not apply to tethering.
  • StreamOn is limited to certain services of the partners, for example downloads of the covers and lyrics on Spotify are deducted from the regular data contingent. Voice and video calls via messenger also put a strain on your data volume!
  • StreamOn can also be used abroad, but certain restrictions apply here (below).

In the next paragraph we will tell you what you have to pay attention to when using StreamOn abroad. For more information about your StreamOn tariff, you can find the Deutsche Telekom PDF file in the sources.

Use StreamOn for free abroad

Since September 2019 you can also use the advantages of StreamOn in other EU countries. While you can use your StreamOn partners in Germany without limits, there is a certain amount of data available abroad for this purpose. Deutsche Telekom calculates this using a rather complicated formula. This is:

If you use the data you need for your tariff, the formula will quickly become understandable. Let's take the Magenta Mobil M tariff as an example 40.45 euros net a month without a smartphone and offers you StreamOn Music for free. The regulated maximum wholesale roaming charge valid in 2021 is included 3.50 euros. If we put these numbers in the formula, the result is 26.9.

For the partners of StreamOn Music, the MagentaMobil M tariff will have almost 27 gigabytes available in 2021. So that you can easily calculate your data quota for abroad yourself, you will find the regulated maximum roaming wholesale charge for the next few years in the following table:

yearAmount per gigabyte
20203.50 euros
20213 Euro
20222.50 euros
Regulated maximum roaming wholesale charge

You can find the costs of the respective tariffs in our overview of the mobile radio tariffs on Netzwelt. You can also see there again whether the StreamOn option is included in the contract. If the calculation is too complicated for you, you have been able to see the data volume available abroad for StreamOn on the pass.telekom.de website since May 2020.

If you plan to use your mobile phone on vacation, you should also find out about the roaming charges in different countries. Because roaming is not free in all countries.

StreamOn alternative: use offline modes

If you are not a Telekom customer and do not want to switch, you should consider using the offline mode, provided it is available in the respective app. On netzwelt, for example, you can find out how you can download films to your smartphone on Netflix or Amazon Video and watch them offline.

These apps put a strain on your data volume
These apps put a strain on your data volume

The same principle works for most music streaming services. You can find out how to download music from Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and Co. and play it offline on your smartphone or tablet PC on our corresponding overview page.

Of course, the download planned in advance does not replace the spontaneous stream on the go, but if you have to keep an eye on your tight data volume, you are at least on the safe side with the offline mode.

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