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Backwater maintenance - how do you do it?

  • Hello everybody,

    In older literature one reads occasionally that certain fish species can mostly only be kept in the long term through backwater maintenance.

    I have never tried it myself, but I would be very interested to know if there are any aquarists here who could give me tips on this topic.
    For example, how do you get the metabolic products of fish out of the water?

    Does anyone have any experience with, perhaps e.g. our advisory board for water chemistry @Anton_Gabriel?

    Best wishes

  • Hi Delle,
    Sometime in the last six months there was a Datz on the subject.
    Backwater basins are at least out of fashion because one argues in a different way - unlike in the past.
    Is your literature a bit older? Views change, I don't have to tell you that
    In principle, however, a good, economical approach.
    I would like to test something like that in a large, well-covered pool with really well-dimensioned filtration and a biofilter.
    If the appropriate plants sit there and are exposed to a lot of light, then something - in my opinion - has to go well.
    Probably we just have too much fish in too little water these days and we cannot limit ourselves ...

  • Hello,

    Backwater is good in itself if there are very few fish with enough plants> the plants consume a large part of the waste materials.
    This is easy with 8 smaller fish in a well-planted aquarium.
    One of the main factors that turn old water into an unhealthy brew when there is too much stock are phenolic compounds that develop from the waste materials and turn the water yellow. They are only being rebuilt or recycled very slowly. So again a few fish.
    Since, at the same time, there should be sufficient nutrients for the plants, a one-sided deficiency must be prevented by adding too much and in particular by supplying trace elements.

    I tried out old water myself, as I once had extremely few fish for a few years and then only regularly refilled water and added trace elements. It worked - I don't know if the fish stayed smaller because of that. This would not be possible for cichlids - because with 6 fish, hundreds of liters of water and lots of plants would make sense.

    What one should not forget is that, for example, when many young fish are reared without sufficient water change, deformities and dwarf growth occur (also already observed). So this indicates that too much waste (which?) Is certainly not good for the fish.

    All in all, it is safe to use when there is a shortage of stocks. The effort is too great for me myself.

    mfG Anton Gabriel

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