What year was 911 crash site pictures

The real story behind an incredible photo

At first glance you can see a boy with blond curly hair standing on a promenade in a white T-shirt. He looks relaxed. As if there was nothing. The many pedestrians strolling along the bank in the background are also not particularly noticeable. The entire scene looks almost everyday, if it weren't for the two towers in the background, from which clouds of gray smoke and extreme smoke rise - it's the World Trade Center, which will collapse in a few minutes. The enigmatic photograph, which is said to have been taken on September 11, 2001, appeared on reddit in 2015 and is the focus of various conspiracy theories.

The solar radiation from above does not match the shadow cast. The twin towers look way too bright, in contrast to the other dark buildings. And the pedestrians don't run. They seem almost calm and serene. Nobody looks at the burning towers. And anyway, who confronts his child with such a tragedy and takes a photo? Many members of the reddit online community are convinced that the photo cannot be real. But the photo is not a fake.

The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 are known to everyone. Everyone knows where he or she was when the news "Planes in towers" hit the media. The Islamist terrorist militia Al-Qaeda hijacked four machines and steered them into various military and civil buildings, including the World Trade Center in New York City. Almost 3,000 people fell victim to the attacks, including many first aiders. Everyone has the images of rubble, ashes and the burning towers in their heads - whether young or old. Austin Sansone - the blond in the photo - was just a kid who was due to start preschool this September 11th.

And the day started normally: Austin is sitting at home with his mother Susan, eating cornflakes for breakfast and watching the cartoon series on television Dragon Tales (Dragon stories) at. Everything is the same until Susan walks into the living room and switches to a news channel. An airplane had flown into the twin towers. Sirens can be heard outside. Her husband calls home and tells about two planes that have flown into both towers. Susan decides to go out with her son to see for herself. The camera is there and so are the orange binoculars. When you arrive at the Hudson River promenade, the photo is taken. This is what Susan and Austin tell the podcasters of Underunderstood. "The worst seemed to be over", this is how mother and son explain the serenity of the passers-by and their own. Nobody knew what was going to happen. Nobody expected the towers to collapse. And what's more: Austin, Susan, and the pedestrians in the photo are at least twelve blocks from the World Trade Center - and therefore safe. After another photo of the burning twin towers, they make their way home. Not even two minutes later the first tower collapsed.

It took Susan two weeks to develop the photos - before she could not. Over the years, family members and family friends have seen the haunting photo. In 2012 Austin posted a cell phone snapshot of it on Facebook and in 2014 on Instagram. That's how it ended up on the internet and later on reddit. A friend told Austin about this and the assumption that Reddit users thought the photo was not real. He then created an account and revealed himself to be the boy with the blond curly hair. There is also a simple explanation for the sunlight and the strange shadow cast: It is the light from a desk lamp that reflected when the photo was taken.

His mother already felt uncomfortable while taking the photos. Nor did she ever want to make the photographs public, although there were ways to do so: "To be honest, it just didn't feel right. It seemed opportunistic." Nobody should see the photo.