How many axles on a semi

How many axles are driven in an articulated bus?

Normally only one axle, and for most makes the one in the trailer - i. H. the "trailer" pushes the bus in front of him.

This is because most buses have the engine in the rear and then of course power transmission to the next axle is the simplest technical solution.

However, there are also some models (e.g. the vehicles from the Belgian manufacturer van Hool) with a standing mid-engine in the front of the car, which then drives the "middle" axle.

This has the advantage that the rear axle can then be built to be steerable, which makes the vehicles more "agile". And so van Hool can also easily build the 25 m long double articulated buses - if the last axle were driven, they would probably be difficult to keep in a stable direction.

One disadvantage is, inter alia, that a mid-engine is more difficult to access because of its location and is therefore more difficult to maintain and repair. That is why the rear engine has prevailed with most manufacturers