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Cerebellar damage

General information

The typical symptoms listed, such as an unsteady, unsteady gait, balance problems, difficulties in performing targeted movements and coordinating various movements, as well as indistinct speech, can be - reversible - in the case of excessive Alcohol consumption observe.

An interesting experiment on the symptoms of severe cerebellar lesions is the following: A patient with such damage throws a few darts at a dartboard without any significant problems. Then he gets a glasses put on, which shifts everything around it by 15 degrees. (So-called prism glasses). The dartboard now seems to be 15 degrees further to the right / left in his eyes, so that he will first throw in exactly this different direction. After the throw, he takes off his glasses and checks his throw result. A healthy person, after a few attempts in which he has thrown a lot wrong, would be able, with the help of his cerebellum, to compensate for the wrong vision that the glasses force on him by simply throwing 15 degrees against the direction that is suggested to him and such hits the dartboard again. A patient with a cerebellar lesion, on the other hand, is - no matter how often he tries - not able to adapt to this new situation, he will aim permanently by 15 degrees off. The cerebellum therefore makes a significant contribution to compensating for visual misinformation.

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