How to file Australian backpackers tax return

How to File Tax Returns in Australia 2021 News

The Australian tax system is known as "Pay-As-You-Go". This means that every month the employer withholds a constant amount of tax from the employee's wages without paying the full amount at the end of the period. On every pay slip, the employer has given the breakdown of the salary with the amount withheld for tax. This article explains in detail how to file tax returns in Australia.

Tax returns in Australia

June 30th of each year is the end date of the fiscal period for filing a tax return with the Australian Income Tax Office (ATO). Then ATO will decide whether the tax they pay is sufficient in relation to their wages. If a person has paid a lower amount of tax, they will receive a tax certificate. If he / she pays more tax, he / she will receive a tax refund.

Australian tax law requires individuals earning more or less than $ 6,000 a year to file a tax return. If the employer has withheld part of the employee's salary for tax purposes, they must file a tax return. While required by law, in some cases it would be beneficial for workers to file tax returns as more than 98% of people are eligible for tax refunds.

The Working Holiday vacationers believe they can get all of the tax back by filing the tax return. Most Australia Working Holiday vacationers receive a large refund based on the following factors.

- The total amount of income earned
- The total amount of tax withheld by the employer
- Duration of stay in Australia within one financial year
- Amount of allowable deductions, e.g. B. Expenses for work

The tax return options in Australia

The tax period in Australia is from July 1st to June 30th of each year. The tax return is due in the next period on October 31st. This means that for the period from July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015, the tax return is due on October 31, 2015.

Few documents are required for tax returns in Australia. such as payment summaries, identification form and tax number. You can either submit the tax return online via etax or mytax or submit it on paper by e-mail. The tax payment is refunded within twelve business days if submitted electronically or fifty business days if submitted on paper. If a valid Australian bank account is provided, the refund will be made directly to the account. If a tax liability is due, payment must be made on or before November 21st.

Please visit the Australian Tax Office website for more information.