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Hunter ball

Hunter ball is the basic variant of most ball games in sports lessons in schools. Its rules are so free and adaptable that a beneficial game can be created for every condition of the student and for every age.

Hunter ball rules & instructions

Game material

  • 1 softball
  • Possibly playing field with markings

This is how you play the hunter ball

You play the game hunter's ball in 2 groups. You can choose to mark the players of one team with shirts, colored ribbons or other similarities.

All players can move freely on the field. The only rule is that whoever is hit by the ball has to leave the field of play.

Depending on the age of the participants and other factors, these few rules can be expanded to include others.

Rule extensions arise from the following questions:

  • Is it allowed to move around with the ball in hand?
  • How long can a player keep the ball?
  • Are there any special rules for eliminated players to get back into the game?
  • Will a second ball come into play at some point?
  • Are you allowed to use certain tactics within a team?
  • How do you punish rule violations?
  • When exactly is the game over?
  • How do you rate after the game is over?

However, it is important that rule extensions are always determined before the start of the game and that the referee monitors them. This avoids discrepancies between the individual teams, because the rules are clear to everyone.

Good to know

The games dodgeball and Merkball are very similar to this game, at least in terms of the basic rules. Dodgeball is a lot more organized and more finely worked out in terms of rules. With these games, however, you can see very well what you can do with the basic rules of Jägerball.

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