What does Consuela call Stewie and Brian

Stewie Goes for a Drive

Stewie hits the road

Stewie Goes for a Drive
Stewie tries to be a big boy and steals Brian's car for a joy ride.

Season: 10 episode: 4
Total episode count: 169
Prod. No.: 9ACX02
First Aired: November 6, 2011

Guest Starring: Ryan Reynolds
Featuring: Stewie Griffin, Brian, Peter Griffin, Ryan Reynolds
So appearing: Rupert, Lois Griffin, Meg, Chris, Consuela, Mrs. Janetti, Gavin Janetti, Carol, Adzin, Lindsay, Shelley Duvall
Musical Numbers: Before He Cheats

Director: Julius Wu

Assistant Director: John Banh
Writers: Gary Janetti
Storyboarders: Ben Lane, Shawn Palmer, Dave Sherburne


After Brian picks Stewie up from a play date, he leaves him in the car to listen to a song. Stewie accidentally bumps the shift knob and the car rolls forward before Stewie quickly parks it again. Excited by his new discovery, Stewie later takes Brian's keys and takes the car out for a drive. But when he tries to enter a Weenie and the Butt radio contest, he loses control and crashes the car. When Brian finds out, he insists that he has to tell Lois and Peter. In a panic, Stewie runs away, intending to catch an airplane, but instead ends up in a run-down section of town where he is found by Consuela, who takes him home and gives him a bath filled with soup ingredients for her daughter's Quinceaà ± era. When Brian finds them, having calmed down from the car's destruction, he tells Stewie that he has decided not to tell about the accident. When they try to leave, Consuela tries to keep Stewie insisting that he is her son, Ernesto. When her other son threatens Brian with a gun, Stewie grabs it and shoots Consuela in the foot, followed by shooting up the house until he runs out of bullets, allowing them to leave.

Meanwhile, after getting a shot at the doctor's office, Lois and Peter bump into Ryan Reynolds on his way to film a new movie. Reynolds becomes drawn to Peter while ignoring Lois. One morning while chasing away a dog, Peter leaves his house to find out that Reynolds has moved his film to Quahog and moved into Cleveland Brown's old house. Reynolds invites him to a housewarming party and Peter accepts. When Peter and Lois arrive at the party, Ryan blows off Lois and convinces Peter to get into a tickle fight. After Ryan invites Peter out to dinner, Ryan gets uncomfortably close to Peter, causing him to bolt to the bathroom. When Peter tells Lois that he thinks Ryan is unnaturally attracted to him, she dismisses it. Peter decides to confront Ryan and tell him that he isn't interested. When Peter tells Ryan that he isn't interested in a gay relationship, Ryan tells him that his intentions were not in that manner and dismisses Peter for using such a label, leaving him heartbroken.