Say who borrows fleeting love spells

I entered the age
In which nature shapes the young man,
In what the barely completed hurricane
A new world unfolds:
The age, since the path of the pilgrim on earth
Gradually rising to a height
On which, free from his childhood starlings,
The eye full of desire strives out into the distance,
And what it does not achieve, the imagination floats!
In a word, I was sixteen years old.
I sat away from my mentor's gaze
On the back of a swift nag
And commands as a field - no! Waldherr - a crowd
Of twenty trained dogs
Unleashed on a boar.
Just imagine how delighted I was!
After a fight of three hours
Was the game gone, I don't know how.
The hunt was over; I blasted back and forth;
For free! There was no more boar.
I left the rest to my dogs
And, like my nag at last,
I descended; we rolled in the grass;
The nag began to graze,
And I fell asleep on a soft lawn.

Hunger woke me up; I ate,
Mindful of new hunter acts,
A piece of bread and cold roast partridge.
The lovely place where I sat
Was a secret valley formed by two heights,
Wreathed with birch trees and sloes.
There was a gap
On a gentle slope
A little village. From this one separated me,
Far extended in breadth as in long,
A graceful stretch of land,
Covered with gardens and with seeds,
Who kindly asked my gaze to notice them.

The air was pure, the sky blue;
The brooks flowed quietly and serenely;
Flowers, grass and herbs shone
Still from Auroren's pearl dew.
The sun, hardly a little further
Than through a quarter of their path
Also left on a shadowless plan
Their rays of light, softened by zephyrs,
Feel the living nature only for lust. -

Where are the friends of nature now
The one spring day to see a paradise
And understand right to feast your mind and heart on it?
Because because of you I only paint.
This scene attracted me myself
Far less than a beautiful farmer
In white doublet and skirt, a dearest thing,
That cheerfully step there with a bare pot
Full of fresh mildness on his head
Presumably went his way to the next town.
"Oh, don't fall!" - was suddenly my thought,
When she, determined by her path,
The all-too-narrow bridge plank
Stepped across a stream -
"And if you have to, you better fall,
When you cross over unharmed
And here on my lawn
That is drier and also softer. "
The step succeeded. Soon I saw with delight
That she took the route to my region.
The closer she got
The closer she seemed to move to my heart.
Ignorant of what happened to me
I sprang up to meet her;
And she seemed more and more charming to my eyes.
So delicate, so well-built, so fresh, so rosy
Did Zeus see nothing on earth, nothing in heaven.
To start a conversation with her gracefully
Did I at once know how to focus on nothing.
As full as my heart was, I feel my head as empty.
Jen's was like the drunkard, and this one was a drip,
And neither of them know much to say.
My friend's stomach came into the middle;
But he only addressed himself to her pot
And asked not to refuse him a drink from it.
She offered it to me with a grace
Which she was only capable of.
Then I continued with two or three questions
To plague for name, age, village and such;
And every word I heard
It was worth it that it came out of her mouth.

She was from the nearest village; her name was Aline.
"Oh!" I said, "dear sweet Line,
I want to be your brother! «-
That's not what I wanted to say. -
"And me, your sister!" She said with relish
Full of the loveliest innocence. -
"But I love you, on my honor,
No less than if it really were me «,
I reply by embracing her.
Alinchen defended herself
And when she came up to me
Fell ah! her pot - the milk flowed to the ground.
What a misfortune! - She wept bitterly;
Then tore with angry fury,
Full of impetuosity out of my arms,
Pick up your pot from the earth
And wanted to flee. "Oh, if I were only at home!"
She cried in fear, slipped on the Milky Way
And fell as long as she was on the floor on his back.
I flew to help her, but would not succeed;
Because of a stronger power than me
I will soon succeed, even me
To get entangled in their case. -
You know I was sixteen years old
And Aline was fifteen years.
The age and this place was
The right one, where his mine is best
The God of love lets jump -
Aline first clouded his party with tears,
But soon the pain gave way to bliss
And the sun broke lovely through the cloud of tears. -

The time that stood still for us in its course
Nevertheless, as it was finally found,
Run away for other beings.
The sun sank down to the edge of the sky.
The evening bell rang in heaps
The people and the cattle back to the hut and stable.
"Oh!" Said with a startled look
Alinchen, “now it's time to carry me home;
Otherwise my mother would like to scold me or hit me. "
Myself, still full of respect for my wife, mama,
Because of this, too, did not come too close to hers'.
“There,” she continued, “are my milk and honor;
But because of you I get over the loss. "
“O go with your milk! As if not your chest
Reply so as to know how it would be!
Besides, there is pleasure
Infinitely sweeter than honor. "
When I gave her my little gift on it
And a golden ring, to the monument of this hour,
She promised me with hand and mouth,
To keep him to the grave.
Sad to have to leave us so soon,
If we didn’t miss deep sighs,
And face to face
Parted, wet with tears and kisses.
I got back on my horse
Followed my beauty for a long time;
Then I said goodbye to the graceful scene,
Where for the first time I enjoyed happiness in love;
And full of annoyance in heart and face,
That I wasn't a farmer in the village of my line,
I rode to my father's castle.

I had given myself the word
No other hunt in my whole life
Than to go hunting for joy in Linens Thal,
And everywhere else in field and forest enclosures
Because of the lovely Aline
To look at the game with grace;
But all these beautiful tarpaulins
Already carried out in the delusions of my heart,
Vanished like a morning dream;
Because I hardly got down
So came a postillon with letters
Which my father to Paris,
Oh, already called the next morning!
Think how I felt when it was said
I would have to go with you! - With a sad expression
I sob: "Ade Mama!" And thought: "Ade, Adeline!"

Even steel gnaws away time; so how could then
Love's delicate matter in front of its tooth?
Inconsolable I leave with my heartache,
But I arrived comforted.
The more I moved away from Alinchen
The more Alinchen moved away from me.
The pleasure in everything that I have here
In my new world first experienced and learned
Conquered the memory of lust
That I lost and my young chest
Two well-born thieves stole
Spooning and ambition, soon love.
On a warlike path, I strive for honor and happiness.
My arm hit me with six sour hits
Not in terms of wages, but wounds full of mercy.
Then I return to Paris
To there with better luck for Minnelohn the beautiful
Indulge as Queen for her gratitude.

Once, after the opera was done, found
I mingle with a pretty lady
That stood waiting for her car.
Suddenly she noticed me
And asked: "Don't you know me?"
"Forgive me, madam, I never saw your face."
"Never? - egg! Take a closer look at me! «-
“This, beautiful lady, will certainly not get mad at me;
But what I saw beautiful in my life,
So nothing ever came close to what I see. «-
"Well, because my face doesn’t bring anything to mind,
So I want to see whether the hand works. "
Here she pulled off her glove
And showed me the ring I gave Alinen.
"Alin ', Aline!" I wanted to say
But the word died of astonishment
In my mouth. Meanwhile her car came.
We got in and rolled away.

Here it came to questions after questions
And my ear heard the following report:
"You probably haven't forgotten the milk pot,
Much less even all of that
What I lost with my pot.
Not you, sir, not me,
What we did that day;
But it was soon revealed to me
That it was a - little junker.
It was also my mother inside
And briefly and well chased the daughter away.
No pleading helped me out of trouble
As an orphaned poor girl
And begged me to the next town
Where an old woman received me like a mother.
The philanthropy to glory
She soon declared herself to be my aunt.
She cherishes and cared for me, she dressed me up
And wherever she went she took the little thing with herself.
The connoisseur began to look after me
Soon honored our house with encouragement,
And auntie kindly made me understand
Yes, it is nice to approach the guests with courtesy.
Obediently I do my aunt's will.
Pastor Loci came to our house first
And also most often; therefore had to be in front of everyone
Your little son will fall on his account.
After the time he turned it into a pretty choir child.
Yet aunt who contemplate our happiness
Even in luck,
Soon found, as she clearly demonstrated to me,
In a big city there is more to be gained
And then led me to Paris.
Here I passed through different hands
And in the end it had my charm
An old, brave president.
Now who knows these gentlemen knows
That, no matter how high up on Themis' temple,
You may be the last to go to Amor's court.
My man of honor stayed when he was naked and bare,
Entstaatswig, enthalkraust, unwinded
From his great official salar,
In short, when he was completely of what was not himself,
Stripped from head to toe,
Appeared before me, stayed, I say, naked and barren
So little that it was hardly worth talking about.
But this little loved me not a little
And showered like a king
De turns to no glosses,
The aunt like me with money and money's worth.
The aunt died, and so did her fortune
Increased my blessings by inheritance.
So I was through hard work day and night
From that - and that - and that - and my President
And five thousand thaler pensions through the aunt's death
Put in dry safety.
I got bored in many ways
My craft now; his name also mocked me.
I would like the lady of honor and virtue
If only for change, played,
How much one often feels for a long time.
For two charming, sheer, frizzy,
Altered, full-weight Ludewig
A family tree maker explains me
To the young lady of a very good house.
Now I live high, came off by accident
With men of talent, especially beautiful spirits,
Also in intellectual intercourse.
This won with stumpers and masters
The reputation of my mind, wit and taste very much;
In fact, it might also ghost me something.
A man of honor
From forty thousand thaler rents,
In me and my merit, in spite of my president
In love up to the ear, offered my heart and hand to me.
So now the poor Line is now
Marquise Castelmont for the dear public;
But that is why the wife of Castelmont stayed
No less for you Aline. "

"And now for whom," I said to her,
"For whom did your heart beat the most tenderly?"
"You can still ask that, bad man?"
She gave me a gentle blow.
“I was natural and simple when I was with you
I gave myself when I tore up my hair right away.
I didn't stay that way when I sold myself to Andre.
Not so youthful and beautiful anymore,
If I had to increase my little charm with foreign jewelry
And practice the favor of pleasure day after day.
How could I have loved then?
Artifice is always the goal
To move away from the lovely nature.
The red with which we adorn our cheeks
Destroys the lovely play of colors
By which we delight for the first time,
And stifle lies of sensitivity
The warm feeling of nature.
Only once, and only to you, has my heart promised you;
And I have it in a short time
Broken your loyalty as easily as one can,
So I'm allowed to have a steadfast heart
Throb as much as any.
My imagination has given way
Your magical portrait never.
The goblet of lust, even from the most beautiful knights
Handed to me, it tends to embitter me.
But I have to confess
Sometimes it might also increase the sweetness. "

And now began, with deep delight,
To see each other so unexpectedly
Such a fiery embrace, hearts, pressures
And kissing back and forth as if it had never happened.
We got to her; i stayed for dinner
And because the Marquis didn't come home today,
So I held out until everyone said goodbye
And stayed the night - where? can be easily measured. -
The god of love disdains the splendor of gold and silk
The bedchamber, the bed of the marquise;
He only feels himself in a meadow full of flowers
And in the grove's secret night of shadows,
On soft moss in his paradise.
My heart found out; because that only consisted
All my luck that I am behind the curtain
With a pretty woman located;
But her name was and was no longer Aline. -

You lovers, you are in full enjoyment
Of love, or at least lust, whatever
So don't look for him on my way,
Where you just have to sip on the fly.
There is no delay with letters from the minister;
You have to go back to the army.
This inevitable mishap
I shook my blissful dreams. -
How long will the lies and deceit
The boastful glory and so many tender joys,
How much longer will you spoil the peace and happiness?
How long will the hero of the war curse
Do more than honor the blessings of love? -
However, teach on this wisdom
At that time I cared little from my heart;
Because when you are a captain you are careful
Rather to become a major as a philosopher,
And despite the strict authorities
The first matador in the Council of State and at court
It is much easier to become a major as a philosopher.
So it hardly began to meet
So I threw myself light and free at heart
In my harnessed car
And left to new drudgery
Carry me out of the Marquise's lap. -

After doing fifteen full years
Had been away from home and yard
And despite the bravery with which I quarreled
Suffered many a torture as a blow and shot,
I had to as a general for our colonies
Trying a little to the East Indies.
To deal with storm in the sea and in the novel,
Leave your heart to every Robinson.
I came as good as you can
Particularly hardship at my post.
With his pot of rice, with his water jug
When I came everything sat in peace and harmony,
And my ride looked like a pleasure game
Far more like a war train.
Because now I found nothing to fight in front of me
So I started to want to travel.
Thought, done. I passed from country to country
And finally got stuck in the realm of Golkonde,
That was in full bloom before all of Asia.
Delighted by a woman who led the scepter here,
Was all people because beauty and understanding
That of the monarch's heart and who ruled his kingdom.
Not only the State Chatoullen were full,
The saucers were also full everywhere.
The farmer only plowed for his own good.
How seldom that! - The gentlemen at the cash register
They did not raise money from others for their own good.
How much rarer that! - Through stately buildings
Took every city into the sense of beauty.
Heart as an eye found willow in the crowd,
The face of the townspeople radiated pride and joy,
To be a resident of his city.
Freedom kept the farmer warm and dry
And always gave him enough to break in his bowl.
Satisfied with the happiness that his status promised him,
And proud of the honor, the plow and spinner cam
The wisdom of this state proved
Didn't let a phantom coax him out of his hallway.
The magic eyes held the big ones
The beautiful queen returned with pleasure at court;
Because she understood the art of rewarding loyalty
And yet to spare the treasure of the state,
The lovely art that always reaches its goal
And what, as it appears to me to be a dilettante,
Too seldom only the queens practice
Because they might give the kings
Not to heartfelt pleasure, however
May be enough if she sneaks a note.
Fortunately, she had never reached ours.
I came to this court and was received there
As good as only a stranger can ask.
First I had a public hearing from the king,
Then with the queen, who lowered her veil.
I am, of course, very astonished at this;
Because after the certificate, so the rumor gave her,
I don't expect a veil here any more.
In the meantime I must say to her fame,
That she otherwise received me with all grace.
I had nothing more to complain about
When the veil spoiled my pleasure from the sight,
After which, in fact, I almost died of desire;
Because that she would be more beautiful than all the goddesses of grace
I heard from everyone.
Plus is also what great queens do
Kind nature brings
Curiosity is doubly remarkable. -

Hardly am I home again and believe that I am my own
So a junker arrives, sent for the sake of
To show me the beautiful park tomorrow morning
Which the Queen created according to her own plan.
I accept that gratefully. We stand
Already brightly up with the sun
And take our course at first
Through a thread of avenues
In a kind of densely overgrown grove,
Where bitter orange trees, acacias and myrtles
Treat us to the scent of fruit and flowers in the shade.
To a tree in this grove
A saddled, bridled horse stands tied.
My guide jumps up, hits a silver horn,
That which hangs on his neck gives his steed the spur
And is in a few seconds
Gone out of my eyes and ears.
Glossing over this leap
And quite full of amazement
That here, instead of walking
Only looking to lead astray on the fool's rope,
I follow my way to the edge of the wood.
Suddenly the area became known to me
And see! after a short hike
Is there a landscape in front of me
The one where I first saw Alinen
It is as similar as hardly one egg to the other.
Show up to the smallest
The same valley, the same heights,
Wreathed with birch trees and sloes.
It leaves me the same void
The same hallway and garden line
And continue to see the same village.
As can be understood, there is also nothing missing
The path, the stream, the narrow bridge plank.
Only one, the girl, is still missing.
But as soon as my thought wants this,
This is also how it occurs. It carries the same pot
Probably full of milk, too, on his head
And it is in clothing, stature, shape and gait and expression
From head to toe except for a hair - Aline.

“Is that a dream? Is it enchantment?
Is it real Are they empty silhouettes? "
I cried with impetuosity in a wild
Stupefying astonishment.
“No magic,” she said, “no dream has betrayed you,
There is no empty shadow of me
Reality just lying to you;
She lives and lives: Aline stands before you.
Her eyes and heart betrayed you yesterday.
She wishes to be recognized in the shape of you
What you liked the first time
And therefore surprised you with this game.
She comes from her crown ailments in your arm
Get some rest and sit on your head
Instead of the crown that pot,
Always unforgettable you on earth.
Only through you does the poor milkmaid feel
Happier than any queen. "

My heart forgot the queen in the green;
I only saw and heard Alinen.
We were both all alone
Threatened by no joy robber.
Queens are also known to be women:
How could it not be the one from Golkonde?
I felt myself in body and mind
In my early youth
And therefore entertained the queen to-day,
As if the queen was still blooming like Aline,
Because a queen, as is commonly believed,
Even old age never robs youth of bloom.

After we celebrated the feast of reunion
And vigorously by word and deed
Renewed the first covenant of love,
She let her court regalia
Bring through a trusted maid,
Who quickly stepped out of nearby bushes at her sign.
They peeled off and left at ease
We go back to the castle. State of the whole court
Appeared before her in a brilliant parade,
And everyone became through grace and grace,
What she came towards him, delighted.
He who was spoken to here, who was looked at there,
And all were smiled at;
In short, like a beautiful woman on her ball of honor,
It seemed like everyone's love, alone
Quite no man's queen.
After the supper noon,
That all the world enjoyed with her,
She withdrew from the train with me
After a secluded hall,
Here I sat comfortably next to her,
And to control my new greed
Faithfully given them to me
The second Tom from her adventures.

“Hardly were you three months from Paris
So a point of honor that could not be settled forced
The Lord of Castelmont for the most heated duel,
And unfortunately! he stayed where he was.
I was left with a deeply bowed widow
No other consolation for this scythe blow
As forty thousand thalers a year,
Which Herr von Castelmont surely left me.
Half as much as it was said
Was it almost a bit dangerous in Sicily,
Unless I lose all of my time
To turn the fatal crisis
Show myself on the spot;
Also served to relieve the chest,
My doctor claimed the marquise's journey.
So I sailed with great pleasure
Me in to leave for Palermo.
But a contrary wind blowing sharply from the north
Struck us off the drive and bumped
Us to the barbarian coast,
Where the most contrarist of the Corsairs
Far contrary, it still proved.
The ship with man and mouse and with the woman marquise,
As goes without saying, the corsair's prize was won.
The captain, a Turk, dealt with everyone
From our ship so cruel and so hostile,
Alone with me so kind and so kind
As only one Turk can proceed at a time.
After he greets Algiers,
He deported me to Alexandria.
was he speared there;
But I was offered for sale, along with everything that was owned.
A trader from India
Bought me as a slave at immense prices
And brought me after quite a long journey
Here. I soon learned through his lessons
The country's language, customs and manners;
I just don't learn the patience of bondage,
As easily as I bowed to poverty.
As soon as the opportunity arose
I thought escape was a human right and a duty.
On a hunt for beautiful country daughters
I fell by accident to the king's harem guards
Through my beauty in the face.
I was picked up; the sense of freedom to the antics
I was locked in the seraglio before night. -
But scarcely was the next day awake,
So the whole court humbly sank at my feet,
As my favorite sultana owed to greet me
What the king did to me in the dead of night
By being:, made.
My most beautiful star began to shine now.
As well as the king's passion all limits,
So she exceeded my power.
Golkonde soon bowed down before the scepter,
That I was so ready to swing. There was nothing against it
Raise the strange woman to be the ruler of all
And to see his king himself kneeling ahead,
Almighty by command, example or request,
I destroyed and created every custom at will.
In my big royal castle
I never let the little village slip away
Where I have not withered for fifteen years
The flower was innocent. Above all
The valley where I lost it to you
The imagination with its charms.
To liven up the picture even more,
I search with indefatigability
To a second reality
To elevate the lovely primordial self.
I create the little village in the park
To imitate the village where I was born;
I gave him its dear name
And always saw everyone in it
For my friend and relative.
I'm in those little huts
More than in my castle at home;
I submit to their manners
I furnish every girl;
I often invite the old people to the table,
So that their sight forever
To my beloved parents
The memory, always sacred to me, refreshes.
The stalk is not broken by any hunt,
The Gräschen is only used by the Zephyr dances
Lightly pressed against the happy youth,
And each flower only as a wreath
Picked by young lovers.
Never should, as long as I am, on my favorite spots
The ax of the elms fell one,
Whom I trained to imitate,
To portray those to me alive
Lent the shadows of our lust.
The purple and the ermine
The simple shepherd's dress is still resting
The once poor Aline
And awaken in the splendor of glory
The memory of the old darkness.
It will constantly nourish respect in her
For that first estate in which
She was more respectable than the queen now.
It will honor the state of humanity everywhere
And teach the art to rule better than a book. "

O what a strange phoenix
What a princess of Golkonde!
What under this Roberonde
Not everything goes together!
The best queen, the best lord and king,
The best woman, the best philosopher,
And - all of that is still far too little! -
The best - pleasure party at the court.
Oh! I have hardly tried this for fourteen blissful days,
So surprised me with her
The crown bearer himself in his insomniac animal
And forced me to put my head and collar
From his beautiful state district
To be carried away through the chamber window. -
I soon returned to France on this
And reaped tremendous luck there
And misfortune, both very undeserved.
Impoverished and hopeless, cursing my fate
I'll go on a long journey again
And since then passed from country to country,
Until we found you here in this desert.
When I finally get over my misfortune here,
It’s because I’m at once
In this quiet palm valley
So find solitude in you too. -

These last verses torment you
The reader may feel embarrassed.
He thought I had the story
Which he read here, told for him.
But he doesn't know anymore what was said in the preliminary reports
Stand for him in dry words?
Then he forgive, if the poet
Up to this point turned to a person,
That burned to hear his résumé from him
And which he would never guess by himself:
In short, to an old woman with gray hair and wrinkles,
Wrapped in rush cloth, that has been the case for many years
Resident of the valley in which I arrived.
She often smiled that she liked the thing,
How many good blows
May have been very bored of readers.
When I was through, my little old woman said:
"Do you know what I think of the little historian?"
"Well, dear mother?" - "The best that you know,
Is that it is so pretty true in every little word. "
“Oh, mother, who has guaranteed you that?
You know that every lie does not immediately choke you;
Perhaps I erred everything word for word. "
"I know better, sir," she went on with a smile.
"You hit the nail on his head."
"Well, mother, I don't want to hope
That you even deal with black art. "
“Oh, not at all, dear guest!
Just the property of a small ring
Guarantee me the truth of these things. "
"Hoho, that would be a ring that no one has ever found,
As that of Solomon, who banishes all spirits. «-
"Knows," she said with a sly smile on her face,
"Do you also know Alinen's ring?"
“Oh, heaven!” I exclaimed, “is it you again?
Speak, which goblin drove you into this desolate valley? "
“The goblin,” she said, “is not difficult to guess:
It was the wrath of my lord consort.
Of course, after those beautiful deeds
As good as you recommended, through the window hole.
You are, however, the goblin's principal;
You gave, you took Golkonden's royal crown from me;
You led me, the observance mocked,
From the Hirtenthal up to the Gold and Marble Hall
And again from there down to the valley,
That I have been living in peace and quiet ever since. "

“Oh my heavens,” I exclaimed, “how old do I have to be!
Because just now it occurs to me
That I count a full year more than Aline;
Alone by my poor soul!
One can hardly be older than your wrinkles. «-
"What cares," she said instantly
In an honorable tone, »The wrinkle of us?
We were once beautiful and young;
Now let's be wise and happy!
We have time in lust
Instead of enjoying, just wasted.
It is gone! But friendship donates
Us their goods even today:
Well enjoyed instead of regretted!
Lasts only fleeting minutes
Honey's sweetness of lust;
Friendship alone nourishes blessings
The heart through all of life.
You have a drop of dew in that one
In this one diamond;
And if it doesn't sparkle more beautifully,
So the breath of that already gives way;
This resistance does steel.
One borrows his light
Only from a strange ray;
The other carries in its place
His primal light in his own lap
And sparkles even in a dark cell.
Lust is the waste of happiness,
The friendship serves him faithfully as the caretaker. «-

Then she led me without seams
Contrary to a mountain prospect,
With almond and fig trees
And coconut palms richly covered,
Through paths curved a thousand times
Hopping down, a brook does
Through its murmuring cascade
The echo opposite awake.
In front of a grotto at the foot of the hill
Received the guest a silver lake
And drew the picture of the graceful height
Into the infinity of the depth of his mirror.
“Look,” said she, “whether this is enough for you?
Surrounded by the nearby fruit tree grove,
My apartment rests and - yours,
When your wish is modest.
Little care of your hands
If the noble soil here,
That he will give you the richest blessing
Donate to reward your efforts.
Waving to drink as well as bath
To you such fresh pure water,
As in Paris to the richest prasser
Not flashing in a crystal bottle.
From that summit, there in the blue
Of the unclouded aether, can
Your view of the hallways and the meadows
Overlooked by more than one realm at a time.
Try it, friend, and get on it!
You breathe there for the complaint
The refreshment of the purest ether.
You are getting further away from the earth
And be closer to God's heaven.
Look there at what is in the labyrinths
To the earth you lost
And then tell me calmly
Whether you still want to find it again. "

Admiring her, despising me,
I threw myself to the ground in front of the teacher.
As if through a creative "Becoming!"
My being felt quickly changed,
And every pressing complaint
Dissatisfied wishes gave way.
My heart felt for her more than it ever felt.
The happiest of my hours of life
Are intimately united with her,
Since this conversion of my heart
Freed from the prejudice of the world and from passion,
Vanished in the lap of loneliness and friendship.
She strengthened my feet and hands,
As well as in heart and mind;
And in the feeling of the new strength
Delighted foot, hand, mind and heart
Even on the troublesome business,
As if it were all games and jokes.
All day long I look in vain for my happiness;
I didn't find it until the evening of my life.