How to open webarchive file on Android

How to open a .webarchive file in Windows?


How to open a .webarchive file in Windows? It appears to have been created on the Mac. All I read says open it in Safari. Safari is not installed on my Windows 10 and is discontinued by Apple. Software that I found that says it will open is just malware according to my antivirus software. Word cannot open it as some websites claim.

Which software and file format can I safely open?

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I could actually do this on Windows 10.

Install Safari from here: (click Direct Download), then right-click the .webarchive file that you want to open, point to "Open With" and choose Safari. It opens together with a print window.

I recommend selecting "Microsoft print to PDF" as printer and saving it as a PDF. However, if you cancel the print dialog box, Safari will open it without any problems.

The above conversion to HTML can work, but I had to follow additional steps. The current version of word was unable to recognize the first few lines of text in the web archive file. Hence, the HTML coding has been embedded in the lines of the garbage. After opening it in Word and saving it as a webpage (including selecting the HTML File option in the Save pop-up box), it opened in a web browser. This showed the HTML inside the trash, so I copied the HTML from where it started! DOCTYPE html in


I have notebook ++ to edit html and could at least get the text from the web archive file as follows: 1) Save the file on the computer 2) Open the file with Notebook ++ 3) Save as HTML 4) Open in chrome.

I still had an weird pile of goblins but the text was legible which was all I needed. Thanks to the comment above for saving it as HTML! (Notebook ++ is free too, so that's nice).