Who occupies that girl

Läuschen and Rimels / Where is dat Fü'r

Whoever sunst in Demmin,
De kihrte dunn to Böckel;
Whoever stays in "City of London"
If you stay at Buck, that's the name of the man.
This is de Lop so in the world,
And if it’s not just ok,
Don't help, you want to come with me:
Is guard din Utseihn young un smuck,
Tomorrow you will lose an old man;
Wat "chick" means that there was a bang;
Un ut en Böckel became en Buck.
And sin wi nu ok olle Lüd ’,
So we think about de Tid,
Where were we told a thousand boys
Un wi as Häuken jumped miserably.
Un hellsch fidel and ugly things,
As Böckel Wirt and Piter Gast;
So as the guest what, what the host.
Dunn would wear scar caps,
De donkey upschirrt up the start;
Sin’n Nar’n everybody got sugar
[360] Un Düwels-Jux un-Ulk bedrewen;
Dunn would be in manly funny night
De Sorg ’tau’r Husdör rute laughs.
But hett de Sak once dreaded,
As Piter rep: »Cross element!
Mr. Böckel, rut! Ehr Hus, this is on fire. "

But I want to tell the story.
One set of funny fellows
Bi Win in the "City of London" wedder.
Mr. Böckel, de gung up un nedder
And are so pleasurable
Sin Wirtshus was bet baben vull.
Dunn rings buten dat verdull,
Un Piter Krohn, de takes care of it
Unmakt then glik en big noise.
“Waiter, the same room! Un warm!
What's for dinner? Card here! -
Roast veal, beef steaks, ribs spear -
Me beefsteak, beaten eggs!
But first a brandy for the stomach! "
"Je," nu Böckel segs, "I'm sorry,
The rooms are occupied for today;
Unfortunately I have no quarters. "
"What? No more room for me here? "
"Mr. Krohn, sorry," I can't serve
Don't have anything special for you.
In the meantime - I know one way out,
At number three hundred and thirty-three
A Mr. Joseph Timm is staying from Gladbach. "
Un whisper em nu dew with a low voice:
"Hardly for the first time, is still a grunt,
If you could get on with the one
Then the matter could be arranged
You could then stay with him. "
Well, Piter Krohn, he's sick of dissing
[361] Un drink Tausam with Josep Timmen
A bottle of Spon from Josep Nissen
We voted for the announcement.
“Je”, seggt hot then, “my dear Timm,
One thing is just bad:
Night walking, can you tolerate that? "
"Je, I ..." - "No, my friend, shut up! I know,
What can you tell me -
No no! As much as my name is Piter,
I haven't hit anyone yet
Nobody choked, the nod turned around
And me in fatality
Just always be very comfortable.
And if it should unfortunately happen today,
That you see me walking asleep,
Just shout: ’Piter Krohn!’,
The way you call, I'll wake up. "
Well, Josep Timm sings: "Nice!" And goes to Bedd,
But our leiwe Piter hett
I'll have a long tid with a conscience
Lord of Laros ’and of Lafitt’,
With de hei girn Tausamen sitt,
Vel Schön’s presented by Josep Nissen.
And negotiate the matter thoroughly
Take your light, rise and walk
With her twisted leg philosophy
The stairs up near sin accommodation.
Josep Timm and Piter Krohn were quiet
Pöllt sick ut sin Kledasch ’here,
Dunn hears such a tone,
Such a larmen was un such a good!
Hey makt the dark up and kick it up,
Dunn rönnt vörbi in vullen Draf
En oll night watchman uncritical: "For!"
Un Piter asks, where’t for us?
Whether in the city, whether in the Schünen?
[362] "No," de Kirl robs, "that burns with you!"
Well, Piter nu, de bounces taurügg,
Grip his prauwenkasten near you -
“No, no! De hett noch Tid! Nich!
No, irst de Hos ’! No, no! De closest!
Irst Josep Timm, de künn burn! "
An’t Bedd came up to us
Un kriggt em grabs bi hor un fur
We jump in our shirts before we go.
"Out! Out! Mr. Joseph Timm!
It's on fire here in the hotel! "
De jumps ut Pitern sine Hän’n
Nu pil tau Höcht and hell tau En'n
We think we ’Piter is walking night,
Un röppt: “Herr Krohn, Herr Piter! Woke up!
You said you didn't have one
Choked and not killed
Why me? Mr. Piter, me?
Lord Jes! Now he's running out the door! "
Un Josep Timm
Now eight in there!
"Oh God, Lord Jes in the heavenly throne,
Herr Piter, Piter, Piter Krohn! "
Je, hett sick wat dew piters and dew krowns!
Us ’Piter is shining in his shirts
With »For! For! ”Down the aisle
We didn't spare our legs and lungs.
Un ut de Timmern left and right
In the second and third floor
Doesn't bother everyone in Hos and Unnerrock,
Wat male and female.
Un’t was there in half the gloom
So’n Rönnen, Lopen and Verbistern.
Mr. Kreihenbom up Holtenhagen
Was near my daughters screamed and asked.
En Kopmann söcht sin leiwes Wiw.
[363] De hett hugged Liw in fear
To say of a young lieutenant
Halw dod bi dese horror post,
Un rough on his heroism.
The two lütten Kreihenböhmings,
De heww’n sick really so’n por Strömings
Very acquaintance rod forks
Un liggen bleik more in the arm.
Madam Perdöhl let out the noise
A Jewish boy rod cables
Un liggt with more than two stone weight
Almost dew of the poor Mauses,
A little bit more Nahwer Smidt stands out
Un strakt and flourishes, un consoled, and good
Honestly, the sink in your face
Un doze the Jewish boy with
Un Piter joins the riot
Not a bad thing, as when it hangs hot,
Even worse: "For! Dat is on fire! Dat is on fire! "
Un Josep Timm hett bi dat end
Take off your shirt and stretch and laugh:
"It's all not true!" It's all not true!
Mr. Piter only dreams of danger
Mr. Piter Krohn, he walks night. "
And the confusion would be so great
As bi the Babylonian gate,
But we’ve got it bigger,
We crinolin thin all in mod ’.
Well, finally take care of ’t Parterr’
From the Hotel herup de Herr,
Mr. Böckel, hellishly annoyed,
In puris naturalibus,
Dörch shirt and night cap swack hide.
»Who hett sick dat hir unsuccessful,
Hir baben Füerlarm dew slahn? "
[364] “I,” ’Piter blesses us,“ to serve you!
The guard told me himself.
Mr. Böckel, Mr.! You're on fire! "
De Larm was greater than buten,
Dor was chased down with sprouts,
De Klocken Gahn, de Wächers do.
“Yes, we have dew Demmin!
Mr. Je, where can this be for you? "
"With you!" ’Piter wedder robs us.
Now go up the stairs, stairs nedder,
Now it was puffed around in’n Hus,
Nah Brand an Damp un Rok snuffles
Of unn’n bet baben, vörn und hinnen,
Je, no finnish food for food!
Dunn föllt the Herr Böckel in,
Just ask the guardian dew.
Hey come here, take care of you.
"Herr Krohn, the Deuwel may plague you,
To give us such a fright here!
What do you care about unlaid eggs?
The merchant's fire is with you. "
“Yes, that,” Seggt Piter nu, “knew that
Not me, he said 'yes to you',
What he must mean to you;
How could I have known otherwise? "
“Oh, quiet! Sir, I saw you seemed
Yesterday too much with Joseph Nissen
To be in sweet harmony.
Go to bed at the right time!
Study spelling pretty well!
Because if the guard had meant me
Because if he hadn’t said: ’You’re on fire’,
He would have said: ’You're on fire.’ "