How to talk to your friend about exercise

Psst, top secret! We only entrust this to our best friend

Quite clearly: In a confidential conversation with your best friend, you will divulge a few things that you would otherwise not talk to ANYONE about. Because it's too embarrassing, too private, or because it leaves you in a bad light. But it doesn't matter with your best friend. She keeps all secrets to herself and takes us exactly as we are.

A best friend listens without judging - even if we tell her things that no one else should know. At some point it just has to find out that we find our married neighbor really hot. Or have only slept with two men and our current boyfriend is a terrible kisser ...

We even tell her that ...

... we didn't have our first French kiss until we were 18!

... we stole a bottle of nail polish when we were 14.

... the nerdy colleague is kind of totally cute.

... we kissed the boyband poster in our room every evening when we were 12. And were convinced that one day they would marry the singer of the group.

... there was once an erotic dream with a woman ...

... we are afraid of being bad in bed.

... we were totally uncool at school and the boys got zero.

... we cheated on the waiter on vacation.

... the ex was really bad in bed.

... we drank so much at a party that we broke the film and woke up naked next to a strange guy in the morning.

... we were left sitting - not the other way around.

... we love even the most embarrassing heart-pain films and have to howl like a castle dog every time.

... we thought we were pregnant several times.

... we regularly fake an orgasm.

... we'd leave any guy if we could start an affair with Prince Harry.

... it was us back then who accidentally divulged another friend's secret.

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