How to drop guns in Roblox

Play Roblox

  • 1

    Use WASD or the arrow keys to move.[1] or the up arrow moves you forward, or the left arrow moves you left. or the down arrow moves you backwards, and or the right arrow moves you to the right. The space bar makes you jump.

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    Get a feel for the camera. Hold down the right mouse button and move the mouse to pan the camera. You can also rotate it to the left / right with, or the left / right arrow key.[2]

  • 3

    Climb ladders by moving towards them. Most worlds start with ladders already included. Approach a ladder using the W or Up Arrow keys and your character will automatically begin climbing up on it.[3]

  • 4

    Use your click, copy and delete tools. This is how you interact with the world you are in. When you move around in your world, you encounter objects. Once you have them, you can use your tools to move, copy, or delete them. The move tool moves the items around. The copy tool makes an exact copy of the item and the erase tool removes it.[4]

  • 5

    Set up your camera.The two modes you can use are Classic and Follow. Classic mode lets the camera stay firmly in place unless you aim it manually. You change your vantage point by pressing your right mouse button and dragging. Follow mode lets the camera follow your character as you move left and right.
    • Click the menu button in the upper left corner to change your camera mode.
  • 6

    Reset your character by opening the menu (Esc or clicking / tapping the upper left corner). Click / tap either Reset Character or R then press Enter. If you get stuck in a wall or if your character loses an arm, click the blue button. You will appear as good as new at the spawn location.

  • 7

    Click or Exit Game to exit a game. If you don't feel like playing anymore (or want to move to another world), all you have to do is navigate to the menu button (in the upper left corner of your screen) and press Esc and then L (or click Exit Game). Confirm it in a window before stopping by either pressing or clicking the blue button.

  • 8

    Press the button to chat. A chat window will open and you can chat with the other people on the server. However, the developer of the world can also switch this function off if he does not want to allow chatting. You can also click the chat bar where it says Click here if the game doesn't turn the option off.