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Dr. med. Kalpana Bandecar

How I came to Ayurveda

A.I grew up in two worlds: in European modernity and in the Indo-Vedic universe of my ancestors. That's why I know Nutella, pizza and French fries just as well as curries and ginger tea. I have my medical knowledge from two systems: scientifically-oriented human medicine and millennia-old Ayurveda and yoga.

That I have the Ayurvedic-yogic way of life and attitude not only in my genes but also live, my parents made sure of that in my childhood - far away from their homeland, here in Germany. They showed me the importance of staying healthy and correcting an imbalance before illness develops.

Even then, I was very interested in how people and how this world works. I hoped for the answers to these questions during my medical studies and, like some in my family, also became a doctor. I then worked in the hospital for many years. I worked in internal medicine, cardiology, surgery, gynecology and obstetrics.

The experiences I was able to gain there enriched me extremely and brought me closer to the diversity of human nature - with all its joys and sorrows. This also revealed the limits of modern conventional medicine to me. Especially with chronic ailments, which treats the symptoms but rarely the causes.

A passionate doctor - but only with Ayurveda

Over time, I realized that I would rather work preventively. In order to better communicate with and educate my patients, I studied medical journalism. Since then I have published many articles on Ayurveda in medical and Ayurvedic journals and written two books.

As fate would have it, one day I was commissioned to write an article about Ayurveda for a pharmacy magazine, which, along with yoga, is currently developing into the latest health trend.

At the same time the film "Ayurveda - the Art of Being" by Pan Nalin was shown in the cinema, which I naturally watched. What was shown and said there was very familiar to me and hit me right in the heart. I had finally found the medical system I was always looking for. A medicine that gets to the bottom of the causes and works according to the universal principles of nature. During the film I made the decision to dedicate my life to Ayurveda.

Ayurvedic medicine is the best that has happened to me

The rest of the story is quickly told. It took less than two months and I took part in a basic Ayurveda seminar. There I met my teacher, the famous Ayurveda doctor Dr. S.N. Gupta, who heads an Ayurveda university and a Panchakarma clinic in India / Nadiad, which has already been awarded several prizes.

Within three years I got to know classical Ayurvedic medicine with yoga elements from various Ayurvedic doctors, as it has been practiced for many thousands of years. Today I can say that the hours of reciting the ancient Sanskrit texts and the meditations really gave me access to an infinitely deep knowledge. I still draw from this today when I write my texts and books or treat patients in my practice.

My solutions for everyday life

However, I had to come up with a few things so that the healthy habits from Ayurveda could also be implemented in the hectic everyday life of a big city.

The result are ingenious solutions that are absolutely suitable for everyday use, which take little time and are very effective.

Since this year I also have a practice in Berlin.