How do I speed up my nds4droid settings

How can I clean up, speed up and optimize my operating system?

Anyone who cares little or not at all about the clean-up, acceleration and optimization of their operating system may have to reckon with significant performance losses on their computer. In addition, considerable dangers can arise with regard to your privacy and data security. On this page we collect tips, tricks and tutorials about the maintenance, cleaning and optimization of your PC system.

The ravages of time are gnawing at everything - including operating systems. The result is hard drives and registry databases overflowing with data garbage, which can lead to noticeably reduced performance of your computer. The issues of security and data protection also play an important role in operating systems and should be checked at regular intervals.

In order to enjoy your computer for a long time and also to ensure sufficient privacy and protection from weak points, you need constant maintenance of your operating system. We will introduce you to the best tools for optimizing and cleaning up your system and explain to you in tutorials how you can install and use them in a targeted manner.

We will continue to expand this subject area in the coming weeks and introduce you to further options for system optimization and provide corresponding tutorials.

Advanced SystemCare Free: This is how you clean your system

So that your Windows computer always runs optimally, you should have its contents cleaned regularly. In our instructions we will show you how you can revise your Windows system with the free Advanced SystemCare Free software.

macOS: How to reset your Mac

If you want to sell or give away your Mac, you should first reset it to the factory settings. We'll show you how to reset your Mac in just a few steps.

MSI Afterburner: This is how you overclock your graphics card

Graphics cards can be made faster - very simply via software settings. We'll show you step by step how to overclock your graphics card with MSI Afterburner and what risk you are taking.

Windows 10: How to uninstall programs

Your hard drive is full and you have countless programs on your computer that you never or only rarely use? Netzwelt will then show you how to successfully uninstall or delete programs and applications under Windows 10.

Windows 10: This is how you free up your RAM

Your PC has become slow recently or keeps crashing? Then you should clean up your RAM. Netzwelt shows you how you can reliably free more memory under Windows 10.

Windows 10: How to improve your ping

Games like CS: GO, Call of Duty, League of Legends and also other online programs require a good "ping" to react quickly to inputs. We explain what's behind it and how you can improve the ping under Windows 10.

Android: This is how you dial in to a foreign network

After a cellular interference, it can happen that you still have no reception. If even a restart does not lead to success, dialing in to a foreign network can sometimes help. Netzwelt shows you how to do this.

Windows 10: This is how you disable SuperFetch

With the SuperFetch service, Windows 10 loads frequently used programs into main memory for faster starts. This is not always beneficial. So you can disable SuperFetch in Windows 10.