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Repairing the wheel drive on the lawnmower - a guide

If you have a wheel drive lawn mower and it is defective, you may be able to repair it yourself. If you have a dose of craftsmanship, you will surely succeed.

There are different models of lawn mowers that have their own wheel drive. If the device is older and the wheel drive is defective, you can repair it yourself with sufficient manual skill. First try to get a new wheel drive beforehand. As a rule, there is no getting around the manufacturer.

Some lawn mowers have their own wheel drive

  • There are different types of lawn mowers that have their own wheel drive. The drive is mandatory for the ride-on mower that you can drive over the lawn. But some hand lawn mowers that you have to push conventionally over the lawn are also equipped with this type of drive.
  • If the drive is defective, you can repair it. You can do this yourself.

This is how you can repair the drive

If the wheel drive is defective, you can change it as a whole. It is usually necessary to change the entire rear axle.

  1. First you should remove the wheels from the lawn mower. If it is an electric lawnmower, it is important that you unplug it.
  2. Now remove the V-belt cover from the lawn mower. If this is on a tensioning pulley, you must also loosen it.
  3. Now remove the rear axle. Depending on the model, this can be connected to the gearbox. Take this out with you too. The wheel drive is located in the rear axle.
  4. Now install a new rear axle. This is done in reverse order. Make sure that you re-tension the V-belt correctly and fasten the tension pulley securely.

When you have successfully installed the drive, you should operate the lawnmower carefully and not drive it under full load straight away. If the first mowing went well, you can use the device as usual. If it is still in good condition, it is always worth changing the drive.

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