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Remember Miami Girl? What Happened to Forgotten Vanderpump Rules ’Cast Members

Thanks to the toxic hooking up culture of Vanderpump Rules, there’ve been several cast members who’ve come and gone over the past eight seasons. After all, the staff at SUR are fairly incestuous, choosing to only hook up, date, and befriend within their small social circle. But every once and a while a cast member comes along to shake things up ... and then they quietly leave and we never hear from them again.

But if you're wondering whatever happened to folks like Frank Herlihy or "Miami Girl," they're all busy pursuing other endeavors away from reality TV. For Laura-Leigh Claire- who boldly declared on the show that she couldn't wait to quit SUR once she got a film offer - she’s now a bonafide actress. However, after appearing in 2013’s We're the Millers, her career stalled for a year or two. She even disappeared from social media. However, she came back in 2018 to promote her latest film, Under the Silver Lake. As for Carmen, Frank, and other "not quite" cast members you most likely have forgotten about, scroll down to see what they're doing today.

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Laura-Leigh Claire

Of course, no true fan of #PumpRules has truly forgotten Laura-Leigh and her chipmunk voice. But in case you need a refresher, she dated Jax Taylor back in season 1 after his split from Stassi Schroeder. She left the show after landing a role in the movie We're the Millers. Since then, she appeared in an indie film that didn't get too much attention - but we're waiting to see what she does next.

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Annemarie “Miami Girl” Maldonado

She was in the middle of one of the biggest cheating scandals to hit the show after she admitted to having a fling with Tom Sandoval. To make things even messier, Tom’s ex, Kristen Doute, invited Annemarie to SUR to help break up Tom and Ariana Madix‘S relationship (although Kristen later denied this). It was one of the biggest OMG moments of the show. However, today Annemarie no longer relishes in being “the other woman” and is currently a wife and mother to three kids.

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Carmen Dickman

Back in Season 3, she briefly dated Jax, but since most women on the show hook up with him, it wasn't shocking when fans quickly forgot about her when Jax cheated on her with Tiffany Matthews. Today, Carmen is a Digital Media Manager.

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Tiffany Matthews

After dumping Carmen, Jax moved on to Bellagio event promoter Tiffany for a brief relationship that Tiffany would later describe as "complicated." She told Radar in 2014, "Jax and I still care about each other a lot, but the timing just wasn't ever right." Today, she's now a busy mom who appears to be better off without Jax.

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Frank Herlihy

In Season 1, Frank dated Stassi after her split from Jax. After famously getting fired from SUR by Lisa Vanderpump herself, he quietly left reality TV stardom behind. Stassi later revealed on her podcast that Frank tried to sell a sex tape she made for him while they were still dating. Today, he appears to be living an average life in the Santa Monica area.

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Vail Bloom

When she first made her appearance during Season 3, Vail was different from the other cast members. For one, she was a real actress (and not just an aspiring one) who appeared in The Young and the Restless. However, her stint on the Bravo TV hit was short-lived due to her being reasonably drama-free. She has done several movies since her time on the show - but we're waiting for another one. She hasn't done any acting work since 2018.

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Jenna Willis

You might remember Jenna's face as she was always in the background of Scheana MarieIt's parties, but she didn't start getting a lot of attention until she got caught having a fling with James Kennedy, who was still dating Kristen at the time. Today, Jenna is a fitness guru and a legitimate actress with such shows as American Crime Story other Criminal Minds on her resumé. She is also a cast memberLala Kent‘S BFF and personal trainer.