Progresso Light Clam Chowder White Poop

Progresso - Turned my stool white

Apparently this is a common problem with their clam chowder. This is not fake, it really happens because of the titanium dioxide used in their soup.

I recently had a scare and had to spend $ to rule out liver / gallbladder etc issues. I am okay but until this morning did not know that this happens when you eat the soup. I wish Progresso would at least put in a disclaimer about the possibility of white stools after eating it. It would save countless people stress and money.

Sad that they can just ignore this and keep making money off the very people who are suffering. SHAME on you Progresso.

Product or Service Mentioned: Progresso Traditional New England Clam Chowder Soup.

Reason of review: soup causes white stool.

Preferred solution: disclaimer about white stool.

Progresso Pros: I only wrote to make my comment, Used to like them.

Progresso Cons: Artificial color in creamy soups turns stool white.