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How do I clean my robot hoover? Tips and tricks at a glance.

published on 02/05/2021

The maintenance and cleaning of his robot hoover is an important issue. Only those who do this regularly can enjoy their little household helper in the long term.

The cleaning is much more than just emptying the dust container. We show what has to be considered.

Which components should you clean and what are they important for?

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The main brush.It is the big brush in the middle area of ​​the robot hoover. It ensures that dirt, dust and hair are collected. It is equipped with bristles or rubber lips.

The use of rubber lips is new and is intended to be more suitable for hair specifically on pets. Since these get caught unattractively in the bristles and are less likely to get caught on the new rubber lips.

Pictures for cleaning or changing the main brush

You have to loosen the screws of the cover on the lower area of ​​the robot hoover over the main brush. Some robotic vacuum cleaners have a cover without screws, you just have to clip the cover out.

Take the cover and set it aside. You can now remove the main brush from the anchorage.

Before: main brush dirty - After: main brush cleaned

The choice now is yours. Replace the brush with a replacement brush or clean it.The most common form of cleaning is removing the hair by hand with the help of lukewarm water and the cleaning tool included in the delivery.

You have chosen to clean the main brush

Also remove threaded pieces, there is always some hair hidden underneath. Look into the openings of the anchorages on the robot, there is always a lot of hair and dirt to be found there, too.

TIP:Simply put the brush in the dishwasher on the lowest setting. This allows most of the dirt to be removed with little effort

Cleaning the dust container example on the Neato Robotics Botvac

Remove the dust container

The dust container.

Is cleaned more often than brushes. It is usually located on top of the robot or on the back to pull it out. If the dust container is at the top, it is under a cover. Remove them.

Either the container is now underneath or hangs directly on the cover. The container is opened for emptying either with a flap or by removing the filter.

DANGER:Be careful when opening, the dirt can fall out quickly. It is best to open the container directly above your trash can.

The cleaning of the side brush example on the Neato Botvac

It is used to collect dirt in corners and edges. At first glance, it usually looks clean. But when you remove the screw or clip it out of its holder, there is usually a lot of dirt underneath in the thread.

Remove this and all hair and crumbs that are hanging on the side brush. Let the brush run briefly under warm water. Or just put them in the dishwasher.

If the side brush is damaged, you should replace it, otherwise it will no longer be able to do its job effectively.

Cleaning the Botvac's sensors

Neato's abyss sensor

All high-quality vacuum robots have sensors such as abyss sensors, obstacle sensors and the contacts to the charging station. Carefully clean them with a microfiber cloth. It is important that the sensors are not soiled or damaged during cleaning.

Otherwise, these could malfunction and the robot vacuum cleaner could fall down stairs or not find its way back to its charging station

You can usually find the bottom sensors in the lower area of ​​your vacuum robot. The obstacle sensors on the sides. The contacts for the charging station on the side at the back of the front.

TIP:Look in your operating instructions where the sensors are located, you should not be sure. All sensors and their position and function are listed there.

Cleaning or replacing the Botvac's filter

Located by the dust container. Take it out and hold it under running warm water. Try to clean the filter as best you can without damaging it.

IMPORTANT:If the filter is too dirty, replace it with a new one.

Replacing the battery on the Botvac

Is not changed too often. But the battery is also less effective or even defective after a certain period of time. Then this must be exchanged for a new one.

The cover for the battery is usually at the bottom of the robot vacuum. Remove the screws and open the cover. Now clip the battery out of its holder and remove the connection cable with the robot. Remove the battery and insert the new one.

DANGER:You may not throw a battery in the normal waste. This should be disposed of in the special containers for batteries and rechargeable batteries. These are small green bins that you can usually find in supermarkets.

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